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Local Issues

Speeding traffic

For several years, local people, supported by the Parish Council, have made requests to Devon County Council to introduce speed calming measures in the village, on the A379. The County Council's view is that the measurements taken of vehicle speed do not warrant a speed limit of 20mph, or traffic calming. Another issue which adds to the danger on the main road is vehicles turning right out of Pump Lane, against the mandatory signage. It seems we are "waiting for an accident to happen" before anything is done. A VAS sign is now installed.

Church Hall

The church hall in Pump Lane is owned by the Church. After a structural survey revealed that the floor was unsafe, it required significant repairs and needed financial support from local residents and grants before work could begin. A request for pledges of financial support from local residents was very well supported. The money has now been collected and the work was completed by July 2009. Local people then assisted with redecoration. Any questions or donations should be directed to John Woodley (Churchwarden) 01548 857916.

Threat to the Post Office

All around the country post offices are being closed where the Post Office considers them to be unprofitable. The most recent list of closures, in 2008, did not include our post office. However, to ensure its future survival, together with the Village Stores, local people are urged to use its facilities as much as possible.