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The Latest Parish Council Minutes

 Minutes for Churchstow Parish Council meeting

      Thursday 11th January 2018 – 7.30pm

Church House Inn, Churchstow


Cllr Hind

Cllr Williams

Cllr Tarr

Cllr Barrett-Burn

Cllr Woodley

Cllr Bramble - SHDC

Cllr Gilbert - DCC

Jody Fendick - Clerk


Cllr McLaney

Cllr Stewart

WELCOME, APOLOGIES Cllr Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Cllrs McLaney and Stewart.

MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed by Cllr Hind.

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE ABOVE MINUTES.  There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


I – Dog Fouling Sign – We have 4 signs. One to go near bus stop and the other three to be distributed at the top of Glebelands and Woodlands.

II – Neighbourhood Plan – Is going ahead. The Clerk confirmed the Parish boundaries. We have provided SHDC with a Terms of Reference and have set up a small steering group

III – Gardening Contractor – It has been decided and agreed that we will ask the gardening contractor to look after the grass at the beginning of the year (March/April) and again at the end of the year (Oct/Nov) and arrange for the local community to maintain the grass in between. This way we will keep costs to a minimum.

IV – The Clerk is to arrange for a ‘No Turning – Residents only’ sign at the entrance to the new housing estate. There have been a number of complaints about the amount of motorists who use the estate for turning round, rather than continue down to the roundabout.


1. Cllr Rufus Gilbert - reported on a successful Highways Conference and urged Councillors to attend future ones whenever possible. Devon County Council are not anticipating a severe Winter but have 20,000 Tons of salt available – just in case. A pot hole fund is available from the Government of £45million, with around £1.75million for Devon. GWR have had their franchise extended, allowing new Inter-City fleet. Waste management reports that 95% of residual waste is being converted into energy.

2. Cllr Ian Bramble – Reported that SHDC have a £123,000 underspend, which will hopefully be offset against the current financial deficit. West Devon are to pursue the property management plan that SHDC opposed last year. There are a further 10 Local Authorities pursuing this. SHDC are implementing a lottery to generate funding and raise money for good causes.


Precept – The PC decided to request a 10% increase for the 2018/19 Precept.

Planning Issues – Redundant Barn – Gratton Farm - No objections  

Community Benefit Land Update – NTR – Clerk to send a follow up email requesting that the area is tidied up by the owners, particularly as there are a number of Ragwort plants growing there.  

Accounts – Were not discussed as our treasurer was not present at the meeting.

Our next meeting – Thursday 8th February.

Meeting ended at 20.50

Signed ………………………………………………………………. Cllr R Hind (Chairman)

Date …………………………………