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The Latest Parish Council Minutes

                        Churchstow Parish Council

Churchstow Parish Council


For the Meeting on Thursday 13t h July 2017 at 19.30pm

In the Churchhouse Inn, Churchstow

1. Chairman’s welcome

2. Apologies for absence

3. Chairman’s report

4. Minutes of last meeting held on 10th May 2017 for approval and signature.

5. Matters arising from above minutes.

6. Clerk’s report

I – VAS/Post Update – I need confirmation of where to put the posts.

II – Neighbourhood Plan

     III – Locals Meeting with Shaun Fox – 25th May

IV – Highway Maintenance Grant

V – Newspaper – Nick Bremmer

7. Report from Devon County Councillor – Rufus Gilbert (Either in Person or by Email)

8. Report from South Hams District Councillor – Ian Bramble.

9. Additional Matters

 (1) Community Gardening Scheme

 (2) Planning Issues – Lower Rake Farm, Woodleigh

 (3) Changing Meeting Date/Days

 (4) AGM

  (5) Tar and Chippings on Road

 (6) Sign off accounts

10. Any Other Business

11. Arrangements for next meeting.

Minutes of Churchstow Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 8th March 2017 – 19.30

In the Church House Inn, Churchstow

Present Roger Hind - Chairman

 John Woodley

 Geoff Stewart

 Eddie McLaney

  Rufus Gilbert - DCC

Ian Bramble – SHDC

 Jody Fendick – Clerk

 PC Jo Pengilly


Apologies Yanine Tarr

 Paul Williams

1. WELCOME, APOLOGIES Cllr Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Cllr Tarr and Cllr Williams.

2. MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING. The Minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed by Cllr Hind.

3. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE ABOVE MINUTES.  There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

CLERKS REPORT.  The Clerk reported that the VAS sign has been ordered and should be here in approximately 6-8 weeks. We need to source a contractor to erect two posts to attach the sign to. An invitation to local artists to come up with some designs for our new village signs has been launched. Clerk also to look into whether we can have speed camera warning signs to slow traffic speeds, even though we have no speed cameras.

REPORT FROM DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL – RUFUS GILBERTThis is likely to be Cllr Gilbert’s last meeting before the May elections. The Parish Council wished Cllr Gilbert the best of luck in the elections and thanked him for his commitment and hard work.

The road between Totnes Cross and Halwell will be receiving extensive repair in the near future - Cllr Gilbert has had formal notification of this. The Road from Totnes Cross to Dartmouth is also to undergo resurfacing. He also reported that there should be some more funds allocated for elderly care, but he is unsure, at the moment, as to how it will be distributed.

REPORT FROM SOUTH HAMS DISTRICT COUNCIL – IAN BRAMBLE. South Hams District Council are still committed to building around 400 new homes per year. The Joint Local Plan is still taking shape. The overview and scrutiny committee have agreed on a £5 per month council tax increase. £1.8 million has been received to put towards affordable housing. There is to be a 2 year pay settlement of 1% PA for Staff. SHDC are putting together a commercial property portfolio consisting mainly of office space.


Potato Plant Compensation – A meeting is to be arranged between Cllr’s Stewart and McLaney to discuss the best way to proceed with this. The PC have decided to involve the local press in this matter.

Planning Issues  –  I Owlets Barn   -  Approved

      II Higher Leigh  -  Approved

Consultation Evening -  The PC have decided to hold a further Consultation meeting to discuss the current housing proposal plans (38 New Properties). A provisional date of 29th March at 7.30 has been set but we will confirm this in the next week or so. The meeting is to take place in the Church Hall if it’s available. There will be posters advertising this, in the local pub and shop and also on our website and Facebook page.

Progress of car park site – The PC had a promising response from the Law Society, following our complaint regarding the disputed land in Churchstow (Adjacent to Reeves Way) Cllr Hind has received some further information from Becky Fowles at SHDC.

Bantham Development Proposals – The PC have offered their support to our Neighbouring Parish Council – Thurlestone. Should they decide to oppose the current development plan.

Holditch Farm Enforcement – Unless the owners contact SHDC to advise when landscaping will take place, they’ll be served with a ‘Breach of Condition’ notice.


Local Police We were pleased to have one of our local Police Officers – Jo Pengilly, attend the meeting. Jo provided us with her contact details and encouraged us to stay in touch and keep her and her colleagues updated with our parish news and plans. PC Pengilly informed us that PCSO Dave Gibson is to begin training as a Police Officer and will finish his PCSO duties on the 31st March. Dave Gibson will be replaced by PCSO Paul O’Dwyer from 4th April 2017.

Finances. Clerk to contact DALC regarding VAT registered Assets.

New Councillor Louisa Pepperell was unable to take up the post of Parish Councillor, so we plan to contact a second applicant to see if she would consider taking up the post instead. We are going to invite her to our next meeting so she can get an idea of what her role would be.

Our next meeting will take place on 12th April at 19.30