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The Latest Parish Council Minutes

Minutes for Churchstow Parish Council meeting

Wednesday 4th October 2017- 8pm

Church House Inn, Churchstow


Cllr Hind

Cllr Williams

Cllr Tarr

Cllr Barrett-Burn

Cllr Woodley

Cllr Bramble - SHDC

Cllr Gilbert - DCC

Jody Fendick - Clerk


Cllr McLaney

Cllr Stewart

WELCOME, APOLOGIES Cllr Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Cllrs McLaney and Stewart.

MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed by Cllr Hind.

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE ABOVE MINUTES.  There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


 I – Dog Fouling Sign – have been ordered and will be put up as soon as they arrive

II – Neighbourhood Plan – A meeting has been set up and SHDC are aware that Churchstow PC intends to create a plan.

III – Gardening Contractor – has been found and has given the grass one cut already. We still intend to keep up with the community gardening but probably only in the warmer months.

IV – Questionnaires for Council Merger Consultation – we have the questionnaires from SHDC and have distributed them in our public meeting.

1. Cllr Rufus Gilbert addressed the meeting and updated us with DCC's current situation concerning property sales. They have sold 4 million pounds worth of property and have 7.5 million left to sell. The Government are to provide every school in Devon with an extra £80 per child. 95% of schools in the borough are judged as good or outstanding.

Cllr Gilbert also provided us with some DCC population statistics

19% have a registered disability

11.6% are carers (Does not include young carers – under 18)

66% are Christian

2.5% are an ethnic minority

6-10% are non-heterosexual

The apprenticeship scheme has been very successful. Young people in the borough have enthused about it. Cllr Gilbert to try to find out how many of the apprenticeships led to full time employment. Superfast Broadband still been rolled out over the County with 95-96% of homes and business accessing it.

2. Cllr Ian Bramble addressed the Community meeting earlier in the evening. He spoke about the ‘One Council’ merger and haow it would impact on locals and what alternatives etc were been discussed. He also answered questions from memebers of the public present at the meeting.


New Housing Proposal – Cllr Hind has been asked by the developer (Shaun Fox) if he would provide a letter for SHDC stating that they have, provided information, held meetings and tried to be as transparent as possible in their community engagement. The PC had no objection to this and a letter will be sent.

Planning Issues – Lower Coombe Royal - No objections  

Accounts – Were not discussed as our treasurer was not present at the meeting.

Our next meeting – Thursday 16th November.

Meeting ended at 21.00

Signed …………………………………………………….. Cllr Roger Hind (Chairman)

Date ………………………………..