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The Latest Parish Council Minutes

Minutes for Churchstow Parish Council meeting

      Thursday 8th March 2018 – 7.30pm

Church House Inn, Churchstow


Cllr Hind

Cllr Williams

Cllr Barrett-Burn

Cllr Woodley

Cllr McLaney

Cllr Bramble - SHDC

Cllr Gilbert - DCC

Jody Fendick - Clerk


Cllr Tarr

WELCOME, APOLOGIES Cllr Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Cllr Tarr.

MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed by Cllr Hind.

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE ABOVE MINUTES.  There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


I – Housing needs survey. Should be completed by the 9th March. Results to be shared when we have them.

II – VAS – We are going to move the VAS to its other location in April. We have decided to disconnect the flashing sign and record the data only for the first month and then record the data with the flashing sign for the second month. This way the PC can analyse and compare the data to see whether the sign does actually make a difference.

III – Speed Camera Signs have been ordered

IV – New Notice Board. The PC have looked at a few different designs and will commit to ordering one at the next meeting. Once we have full detail of costs.


1. Cllr Rufus Gilbert - Reported that the roads budget will not be cut by DCC. He also provided us with some facts regarding how DCC spend the taxpayers money.

DCC has a half share of the Council Tax, which will rise by 5% made up of 3% inflation and 2% Social Care which has been ring fenced. Band D properties will have an increase of £65PA

DCC pays £9m for bus passes, £3m to subsidise bus routes along with £6.5m to improve highways drainage.

Potholes. The Council employees who would normally attend to repairs had been moved on to snow shifting.

Cllr Ian Bramble – SHDC has approved cuts of around 600k. Joint Local Plan is continuing with proposals for each individual town and parish being considered. SHDC confirmed that there were 15 rough sleepers made known to them during the recent cold spell. Most were supported with accommodation although 2 refused help.


Grit Bins – The Clerk is to speak to some local families to ask if they would consider keeping some grit in their gardens/outbuildings and should we have more snow or icy weather, to spread the grit in their designated area. We are hoping to recruit around 10 locals to take responsibility for this.

Churchstow Sign Elston –Speak to Adam Keay  

Advertising Signs on the roundabout – Clerk to talk to the local businesses responsible

Planning Issues –1 x applications - No objections  

Virtual Pavement – Clerk to speak to Adam Keay at DCC to get clarification on the legalities.

Accounts – Churchstow PC currently has £23, 047.00 in its bank account

Our next meeting – Thursday 12th April


     Meeting ended at 20.50