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The Latest Parish Council Minutes

Minutes for Churchstow Parish Council meeting

Thursday 13th September 2018 – 7.30pm

Church House Inn, Churchstow


Cllr Stewart (Chair)

Cllr Williams

Cllr Barrett-Burn

Cllr Woodley

Cllr McLaney

Cllr Gilbert - DCC

Cllr Bramble - SHDC

Jody Fendick - Clerk


Cllr Hind

Cllr Tarr

WELCOME, APOLOGIES Cllr Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Cllrs Hind and Tarr.

MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed by Cllr Stewart.

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE ABOVE MINUTES. There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


VAS DATA – The speed camera is working well and the number of speeding vehicles has reduced but there are still TOO many speeding motorists travelling through Churchstow at speeds in excess of 30mph. Hopefully the speed camera signs will help to reduce this even further.

Cllr Rufus Gilbert – Carers permits are going to be reviewed, to make it easier for them to park without running the risk of a parking ticket. Cllr Gilbert also reminded us of the vulnerability of some of the elderly members of our community and how isolating their circumstances can sometimes be. He has asked the PC to put a link to a video about scams and how they target the elderly onto our social media platforms to highlight this serious issue and make people aware.

Cllr Ian Bramble – Busy time at SHDC as budgets are been set. There is a budget gap (Difference between expenditure and income) of 64K The public toilets in the South Hams are still a cause of much debate. Whilst they fully appreciate the need for these public conveniences, the decision to charge people to use them is still been discussed. Public toilets in the South Hams cost around 850k per year to maintain. Following the decision in Dec 2016 by SHDC to put 1.6 million pounds into a scheme to stimulate community housing, residents are now been asked to complete an online survey to determine needs


Neighbourhood Plan – The Clerk and several Councillors have attended several meetings. There are still some grey areas and Councillor Bramble suggested that we contacted Duncan Smith. He is working in an advisory capacity for SHDC temporarily and could take us through the process of the Neighbourhood Plan and offer us some further guidance.

Pump Lane Traffic – The Clerk to draft a letter asking all residents with bushes, trees etc that are hanging over the roadside and covering road signs to arrange to have them cut or trimmed.

Planning Issues –1 x application 2723/18/VAR – LAND AT WESTGATE = NO COMMENTS.

Accounts – Churchstow PC currently has £20, 600.00 in its current bank account and £7,998.00 in its savings account.

BBQ – To talk to the pub about holding a ‘Hallowe’en’ Barbecue towards the end of Oct

Defibrillator Lock – The Clerk to arrange for the defibrillator to have its lock removed so a pin code will no longer be required to access it. This will make it using it in an emergency much quicker. Also need to inform the emergency services that a pin code/lock is no longer on it.

Signage in layby for Sorley Cross couple – The Pc will offer their support to the current situation by contacting DCC on behalf of the residents at the property and ask them to intervene. The PC were unable to see how more signage would help, considering that the signage currently in place is not having much of an effect. Clerk to contact family to discuss situation further

Magazine – The costs incurred and the time it took to print the magazine were far more than expected. It is unrealistic for the Clerk to devote so much time to the magazine, when she only is employed for 5 hours per week. The PC are also unsure as to whether the name ‘Churchstow Chimes’ is confusing as it’s the same name used by the Church newsletter. Whilst the PC are immensely grateful to Nick and Jill Bremer for the time and effort they put into the first magazine, without the imput of the local community it’s just not sustainable. To review and maybe consider a single or double sided more regular newsletter instead, which could be sent out mainly in a digital format with a few hard copies available for those residents who don’t use the internet.


Cllr.Williams advised that a replacement private bridge will be installed on private land at Whitehall Manor for residents' use but necessitating an application to Devon County Highways Dept.for closure of the public highway identified as Pooleys Lane (the narrow lane running from the main road access near the Business Park past the Pet Cemetery, under Whitehall's bridge & emerging at the junction by Whitehall's lower gates / Home Farm). Formal application has been provided by Whitehall's Company to County Highways seeking closure of up to 3 days . It is hoped closure will be permitted from or soon after the 15th.October 2018 but awaits determination and approval by County Highways before positive dates can be advised.

Our next meeting – Thursday 11th October

Meeting ended at 21.22