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WEDNESDAY 20th MAY, 2015

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Present:      Councillors:                    Roger Hind - Chairman

                                                         Geoff Stewart

                                                         Yanine Tarr

                                                         Paul Williams

                                                         John Woodley

Apologies    Steve Mammatt

                   Eddie McLaney


S.Hams District Councillor:    Ian Bramble

Devon County Councillor:  Rufus Gilbert



The Chairman, Cllr. Roger Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.   These were duly signed by the Chairman Cllr. Hind.


As we have not received any further offer of help from  St. Austell Brewery towards the cost of the defibrillator we will go ahead and purchase this.  It was confirmed that they are happy to have the defibrillator at the Church House Inn on the understanding that it is maintained by the Parish Council.  They may though help with the electrical installation costs.

Speeding - Cllr Hind had received an email from Adam Keay who stated that there was no intention of doing anything at this moment in time about the speeding in Churchstow and that there were no monies available to move the 30 mile/hour signs.  It was agreed that we should continue to push for this as a Council and we would approach Cllr. Gilbert to advise us.

It was suggested that if SHDC  have no money to move these signs could we – the Parish do it ourselves or at least help to pay for it.

Cllr Stewart felt we should press Cllr Gilbert to do something about this.  He has a lot of sympathy with Tony Puncher.  Harbertonford and the Mounts have a flashing sign reminding people to reduce their speed to 30 miles/hour so why can’t Churchstow.

Cllr. Stewart asked about the offer we had been given to train interested parties in the use of Speed Guns.  We need to contact the local PSCO regarding this.

Dark Sky Policy – Cllr Hind to write to M D’Alesio regarding his information on turning off the lights on Bantham Cross and Palegate Roundabouts.

Name of New Affordable Housing – The response from our notice regarding a name for the new Housing development came up with a number of suggestions.  The one put forward was Dennis Reeves Way.   It was suggested that as it was difficult to get a street named by a full name that we go for Reeves Way instead.  This was agreed by the committee and will be put forward.   Cllr. Hind  to write and confirm.

Maintenance of Grass Verges – an email has been sent regarding this but as yet no response.

Cllr. Tarr was concerned about the lack of information with regard to the road closure recently experienced which caused a great deal of chaos.  Cllr Tarr reported that she had asked the foreman as to why the road was being tarmaced as it didn’t appear to have much wrong with it.  He was extremely helpful and explained that A roads are tested every 12 months and this road was deemed “past its sell by date”  The Council are then obliged to do maintenance otherwise they could be sued if there was an accident.

The road signs were not adequate and the diversion caused huge problems.

Cllr. Hind reported that there is a website for lost and found items reported to the Police.  You can use this if you find something and after 28 days if not claimed it goes up for auction.   You cannot use it to see if anything is found.


Cllr Bramble reported that the application to the SCLF made by Sue, the Clerk for £700 for a new notice board was in the system and we would hear within the next week.

He is organising a presentation regarding the Neighbourhood Plan with Churchstow and Buckland Tout Saints and will let us know dates when confirmed.

Cllr. Bramble was surprised to find out that the documents from our QC regarding the Potato Processing Plant had not yet been sent to The Council’s barrister.  

He went on to say that the sale of unprocessed potatoes was suffering.  Customers are buying ready peeled etc.  Assuming that this goes ahead it may mean that this could become a chipping factory thus changing this to a light industrial factory.

Cllr. Stewart felt that on reading reports in the local papers over the last few months that SHDC

Planning Department may not be fit for purpose.  Particularly in respect of the Malborough Affordable Housing project, the Planning Department let the developer continue when they knew there were several incidences that were wrong but let them go ahead to make their own lives easier.

The developers should have been fined a substantial amount if this wasn’t put right.  The message

coming from the Planning Department was they ignored the signs.

Cllr Stewart also enquired of Cllr Bramble if the rumours that the Head of Planning and his deputy are leaving.  Cllr Bramble said he was not aware of this but would make enquiries.  Nationwide

there is a shortage of Planners.

Cllr Stewart felt that if the Potato Plant goes ahead then nothing would be enforced.

Cllr. Bramble asked if we had submitted our increase for our Precept.  Sue offered to follow this up.  It was felt we should apply for an inflationary increase for 2015.

It was also reported that Parishes might have to have properly audited accounts.  The Audit Commission has argued that this would be an additional load on the Parish.

SHDC has been awarded £700,000 from the Government.  South Hams share is £430,000 Transformation Programme to help with cuts.

Currently it is looking that South and West Devon will be 3.3 million/year recurring, significantly altering the way we operate.  Key staff are being made redundant.   The Council is on target by and large and for all the complaints, financially it is well run.


He reminded everyone that there was an open meeting with Sarah Wollaston at the Quayside

Leisure Centre on Friday at 2 pm.

He also reported that the Cottage Hotel had been granted Planning Permission for the Hotel extension.

Devon Schools have come out in the top 10 even though they have a lower budget.

Children in Care is improving, particularly in adoption and fostering.  

1 million pounds/week cut caused entirely by Government Grant support being slashed.  We are

working towards being self-sufficient.    Most monies go on Care of the Elderly, Schools and Roads

Cllr Hind suggested that we should get more money because we have a large number of retirees.

Devon appears to be wealthy, but it gets skewed by the South Hams.  If it was based on average age we would come out a lot better.

MPs have been a bit naughty, they forget they have reduced the support but we have become more efficient, driving down costs, County are hoping for devolved powers.

4-5 million pounds is spent on gritting.  Between 14,000-30,000 tons of salt is used on roads in Devon.  500-600 pot holes have reported each week in Devon this year compared with of 3,000 per week last year.

As Cllr Gilbert had not arrived at the meeting when the problems caused by the road works were discussed he was brought up to date regarding this.  Neither West Alvington PC or Churchstow PC were advised about this.  It appears that the notification  for Churchstow had gone to the previous clerk, this has now been rectified and Sue will receive all notifications in future.  

Cllr. Gilbert suggested that we write a letter of complaint, as signage was appalling and the

diversion caused huge tailbacks.  Cllr Hind to write to Devon County Council Head of Highways,

Dave Whitton.

Cllr. Hind explained the problems regarding the speeding in Churchstow were not going to be resolved.   Cllr. Gilbert suggested that when the new housing development was completed this would be reviewed under legislation as the flow of the road will be changed.

There is to be a review of Public Transport funding and we would lose 1.76 million by the end of 2016.  Buses that are not used sufficiently will be cut as these cost up to £20.00 per person per trip.  Cllr Hind asked if Devon County will charge for bus passes.

Cllr Hind asked if Parishes might eventually become involved in the aspect of transport.  Cllr Gilbert felt that small parishes such as Churchstow would not, although market towns might have to.

Cllr Stewart remarked that if a parish is remote it is surely necessary to have Public Transport

as people could not easily get to shops.  This is a finite resource and we have to make a decision between transport, day centres or pot holes being mended.

5.   PLANNING APPLICATION 11/3173/14/F.  

As we did not have a meeting before this application was considered, it was emailed to all the Councillors and decision was that the Council would support this.  Sue emailed this support to Development Management


Cllr Stewart reported that a 22 page document was written by our QC with four points of


Cllr. Bramble advised SHDC Planning Department that the Barristers report was imminent.  The Planning Department then paced its preparation of the S106 notice in order to read the report

The fund collected by the Parish is around £1300 short.    It was hoped that eventually this amount could be found by further donations from parishioners, particularly if the outcome for the parish is positive.  The underlying problem is that Richard Martin who chaired this committee doesn’t have immunity against being sued by SHDC.  Cllr Bramble did comment that our own MP was aware of the problems within SHDC Planning Department

If Lidstone’s are advised to go back to basics and start the planning application again, this could prove expensive; it was felt they have been badly advised.

Cllr Woodley asked whether we should check the land registry as to when this land for the Potato Plant was actually purchased.

Cllr Stewart expressed his thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to Cllr Bramble for all his help, support and advice during this difficult time.


The Clerk reported that confirmation had been received that morning that the Church House Inn had been granted Planning permission for work to be done on the roof.

Sue had also received a request from a student regarding the Council’s General Power of Competence -  Sue to reply.


The next meeting is Wednesday 11th February, 7.30 in the Vestry

The Chairman Cllr Hind thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.



Present: Councillors:    Roger Hind - Chairman

                                    Steve Mammatt

                                    Eddie McLaney

                                    Geoff Stewart

                                    Yanine Tarr

                                    Paul Williams

                                    John Woodley


S.Hams District Councillor:    Ian Bramble

Devon County Councillor:  Rufus Gilbert



The Chairman, Cllr. Roger Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.   These were duly signed by the Chairman Cllr. Hind.


Defibrillator – Roger wrote to Mr. Peace of St. Austell Brewery regarding a donation towards this but has not yet had a response.   The Cluster Meeting has been postponed, awaiting new date.

The Affordable Housing site – not moving forward mainly due to weather.    Parishioners are asking whether there will be a footpath.


Cllr. Bramble reported that there had been two meetings in October, Council and Executive.  

AONB Funding – the three main providers of money are SHDC , DCC and Defra.  All three have indicated that they will fund for 2015/16 at the same level.  Further discussions will go on with regard to funding as up and until the end of this year DEFRA was responsible for unspecified liabilities i.e. redundancies.  DEFRA will now treat this as a grant.

Of the total Council Tax we only retain just over a quarter, 72% goes to DCC, 9% to SHDC for services 10.6% Police 4.9% Fire 2.8% to Town and Parish Councils.  It is important that we keep Council Tax down to a sensible level.

Business Rates – on budget.  Capital expenditure – major projects on budget.  This is the first year

under which we can keep 50% of monies collected.  As with all Government schemes nothing is straightforward.   Those Councils who over- collect will pay a levy and we collect quite a lot.  Last year pooled Business Rates gave us £90,000 over and above.  A number of businesses have appealed this and this may well leave pooled authorities short.  South Hams have withdrawn for next year.

Cllr. Bramble also advised that it is now possible for the public to film and report at Council Meetings

and that our Council should be aware of this.

South Hams are trying to move away from the name “Affordable Housing” and will instead be referred to as “Local Homes for Local People”.  Parishes rely on landowners offering land for sale.  This needs assessment, how many do we need to build over the next 5 years.  If the Council says we need 80 houses in our Parish then we need to accept this.  Cllr. Hind said that if this was the case then there would be a revolt and questions would be asked as to how SHDC arrive at these figures.

A lot of property has not been sold, does this bear any relationship to demand.  Cllr. Bramble will arrange more meetings with other parishes but it would be even gloomier if we had no Neighbourhood Plan in place.

TAP fund – deadline for application for monies 31st December 2014. Cllr. Hind suggested that we

use this for the Play Area and Car Park in the New Affordable Housing being built.

Cllr Gilbert suggested that we buddy up with Kingsbridge – contact Martin Johnson 01548 857073.

There are two other sources of funding – Community Reinvestments Projects Fund.   In order to qualify we need to be building 10 or more houses in the same area.  We do qualify and this could go towards cycle paths, foot paths, and fibre optic cables.

There is still money in the Locality fund and this will not be carried over.  We would need to apply to this fund by April 2015.  Amounts would be in the region of £5-600.00.  Sue to download forms

regarding this.

With regard to the AONB  Cllr. Hind asked why there had there not been a more violent refusal to the Potato Processing Plant.  Cllr. Bramble replied that the AONB put forward objections to this.  Cllr Stewart stated that at the Planning meeting which he attended regarding this the AONB supported the application.

Cllr. Hind felt that business rates appeared to have no relevance to the affordability to pay it.  With regard to Affordable Housing, the question was asked as to why we don’t build council houses but the Council have no intention of building Council Houses in the near future.

Cllr Hind also asked why do we need more houses.  Cllr. Bramble replied that due to supply and demand house prices were too expensive so this will help drop the price.  It was also noted that roads are not adequate nor is the sewage and infrastructure.  Cllr Gilbert pointed out that we are only agents for the Government.  Cllr. Stewart was concerned as to where all these people who we are building houses for will work.   Is the Government asking us to pay for people who come here to live and not work.  

Cllr. Bramble explained that most people work as they have to get a mortgage on these properties and we cannot dictate where people can or cannot buy a property.  Due to consistent underbuilding this has suddenly caught up with us.  Councillor Stewart also felt that Government should also put money into businesses too.

Cllr. Bramble reported that the development in Loddiswell has been sold mainly local people; some locals who were born in Loddiswell have been turned down.  It has almost become racial and has become quite unpleasant.

With regard to infrastructure – roads, railways etc. this is a world-wide problem, governments throughout the world do not like spending their own money on infrastructure.  Cllr. Gilbert said that no-one has a right to buy their own house but have a right to housing.  Mrs Thatcher had us all believe that we had a right to buy our own home but unfortunately there is a whole section of people who will stay in the rented sector.

Cllr. Gilbert asked the meeting whether the Defibrillator was installed.  Cllr Hind to chase up St. Austell Brewery regarding this.  This was reported under “Matters arising from the previous meeting” and discussed before Cllr. Gilbert arrived at the meeting

Libraries – it has turned out that the libraries have been charged Business Rates , now putting Libraries into Trusts and Charities so there will be a saving there and it seems there might be a better future regarding them.

Tough Choices – having read through the document sent out by the Council very little affects Churchstow.

It was reported to the meeting that Torr Quarry are proposing to charge £3.50 for DIY building waste as builders are leaving rubbish to be disposed of to their clients to avoid paying to dump this.  There was some concern as to how this was going to be worked out.  Would it be £3.50 per item or per load?  There was also a concern that fly-tipping would increase if this were the case.  Cllr Gilbert replied that at least we were one of the Councils that did take people to court regarding this.

Electoral Review – 62 County Councillors will now be reduced to 60.  Teignmouth to lose one and South Hams to lose one.   Too early to comment.

Speeding in Churchstow, Cllr. Gilbert reported that Peter Brunt would respond formally and very robustly.   It has been agreed that there is a problem with speeding in Churchstow and it will be dealt with.  The 30 mile per hour signs will be moved outwards.

Cllr. Hind was concerned about the speed in which people drove up Aveton Gifford hill towards the Bantham Cross Roundabout.  Personally he feels coming out of his drive is now very dangerous.

He would like a sign and it was suggested that he contact Adam Keay regarding this.



The Minutes of this meeting were read and agreed.   These were duly signed by the Chairman Cllr. Hind.


Churchstow would like to move towards a Dark Sky Policy – The Clerk passed on an email received from Mr. J. Graham regarding the lighting on both Bantham Cross and Palegate Roundabouts.  Cllr. Hind to write to SHDC regarding this.

Cllr. Hind asked how we now move forward with our Neighbourhood Plan.   Cllr. Bramble replied that there is a 6 week period before design can be approved.   The Open meeting was already six weeks ago and Minutes have been posted on Notice Board etc. which is evidence of consultation inviting action and comments.  Cllr. Bramble suggested that we now set up a Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee and he would join it.


Cllr. Woodley has put forward two names regarding the above housing site and it was suggested that this should be offered to the Parishioners to also put their suggestions.  Sue to contact Claire Grey to see if this is possible and to then put notice on Notice Board etc.


There was a discussion about the account which was then passed for payment.


Cllr. Tarr has been involved with this and since speaking to the person concerned has heard

no more.


Cllr Hind and Cllr. Stewart to attend.  

11.  A.O.B

Cllr. McLaney asked whether there had been any more movement regarding the Potato

Processing Plant, Cllr. Hind replied that the S106 still has not been issued.  Cllr. Stewart felt that our only chance now of fighting this is through the AONB.

Cllr. Stewart also reported that it is now too dangerous to join the main Churchstow Road from his drive as recently someone went past doing at least 70 mph.  If you look at the skid marks on the road this tells its own story.

Cllr. Mammatt reported that he had had a good response regarding the “little train” in Kingsbridge.

He has been asked to take on a Directorship of the Kingsbridge Tourist Board and in light of all his commitments will be resigning as a Councillor for Churchstow Parish Council.

Sue to put notice on Board asking for nominations to replace Cllr. Mammatt.  Cllr. Hind thanked Cllr. Mammatt for his work over the last 12 years.


There is no meeting planned for December.  If  anything urgent comes up then a meeting will be called.  The next meeting is Wednesday 14th January, 2015 in The Vestry at 7.30 p.m.

The following dates are for you 2015 diary:-

Wednesday 11th February, 2015

Wednesday 11th March, 2015

Wednesday 8th April, 2015 (this is just after Easter)

Wednesday 13th May, 2015

Wednesday 10th June, 2015

Wednesday 8th July, 2015

Summer Recess

Wednesday 9th September, 2015

Wednesday 14th October, 2015

Wednesday 11th November, 2015

Christmas Recess

Cllr. Hind thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9 pm.



Present: Councillors:                         Roger Hind - Chairman

                                                         Yanine Tarr,

                                                         Geoff Stewart

                                                         Paul Williams


S.Hams District Councillor:    Ian Bramble

Apologies received: Councillors:         Rufus Gilbert

                                                            Eddie McLaney

                                                            Steve Mammatt

                                                            John Woodley


The Chairman, Cllr. Roger Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.   These were duly signed by the

Chairman Cllr. Hind.


The Clerk, Sue Fink reported that she had written to DALC – Lesley Smith and had received a reply

regarding Sue taking the Minutes for the South Hams Society.   They saw no problem as long as I was discreet and didn’t discuss with either side any situation that might arise.   Copy of email attached.


Roger will Chair the meeting and open it to the parishioners for discussion.


Parklands – still ongoing,  the enforcement officers seem to be more active as there are

quite a few enforcements for Churchstow.    Councillor Williams commented that the Post Office/Shop Planning had been given approval.

Speeding – DCC are now going to take the matter of speeding through the village seriously

due very much to Tony Puncher getting to grips with it and fighting their last suggestion

that there was no speeding.  This was due to the fact that the monitors were put in convenient

places which didn’t give the correct readings.  Coupled with this and the Affordable Housing

Development where there will be a table top in Pump Lane this should help reduce the speeding.

Defibrillator - Councillor Hind reported that St. Austell Brewery had offered to pay for the

Cabinet and possibly the installation.

Councillor Hind will contact Zoll and Wel Medical to confirm prices etc and then make a

choice as to whom we will buy from.  

South Hams DC Ian Bramble advised the meeting that Councillor Hicks was planning a

Cluster meeting with the Parishes on 23rd October – venue to be advised.

We should encourage some of our Parishioners to attend as well as anyone from the Council.

Councillor Hind and Councillor Stewart will attend.  Information will be put on the website

as soon as we receive it

He also asked if the Council had had any feedback regarding the fire at the Business Park.

On visiting last week he felt that the people involved were getting on with sorting things

out whilst awaiting insurance companies reports.

Councillor Bramble also took a look at the Affordable Housing site and was pleased to see

it progressing.

He also reported that there was money still in the Locality Fund for Councils to access for

worthy projects around £4-600.00.  Councillor Stewart suggested that we needed a new

Notice board when it was re-positioned.  The Councillors will give some thought as to

anything else that might be needed before the deadline of April 2015.

Councillor Williams was concerned about the amount of hedgerow that had been taken out

at the entrance to the Affordable Housing site.   Councillor Hind explained that this would be

put back but it will be splayed inwards and more trees will be planted on the site.  Councillor

Williams was re-assured by this.

Councillor Stewart reported that whilst the lorries where moving around the above site

he could hear these quite clearly so was concerned how much traffic noise would be heard

when the Potato processing plant was active.

The Clerk passed on a letter from Cllr. Tucker to Cllr. Stewart in his position as Treasurer

regarding a reduction in payment to the Council.

Sue also notified the meeting that she had been approached by Matthew Scott-Tucker of

Tozers Solicitors offering their services.  We already use a local Solicitor Beers but will keep

Tozers in mind.


Wednesday 12th November, 2014 7.30 in the Vestry at the Church House Inn.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 7.30 and the

Councillors moved to the Church Hall for the Open meeting due to start at 8 pm.

Signed:………………………………………………………………                    Date: ………………………….

           Chairman: Cllr. R. Hind


1.   Welcome

The meeting was opened by Councillor Roger Hind who welcomed those attending and

thanked those who took the time to respond to the leaflet sent out by the Council.

out of 200 distributed we had a return of 11% (22 replies).

The Clerk, Sue Fink collated the results and presented them to the Council at a meeting

last week.   The agenda tonight is based on these results.

Councillor Hind stressed the importance of entering into the “Neighbourhood Plan”

if we don’t produce our plan then we cannot complain when development that we won’t want

is forced upon us.  We have to be forward thinking and try and get this right as this Plan is to encompass the next 17 years until 2031.  For more information please go to:

2.  Discuss results of questionnaire

Housing – There was concern at the meeting that the Affordable Houses would be sold to

people from outside the area.  Councillor Hind replied that his understanding was that initially it would be offered to people from Churchstow, then surrounding Parishes and then to Parishes further away.  It was pointed out by Councillor Stewart that this site was an Exception Site which means people who can apply for a house should have a family or work connection to this area.

It was hoped that it would not be offered to people as far away as Plymouth, Torquay or Exeter.

The three houses for sale will be put on the open market.

Proposal to go on Neighbourhood Plan

As only a third of the field has been sold there will be more land available once this project has been completed and the Parish would like to see smaller developments which will include houses that fit into the scheme with a lot of green spaces to encourage wildlife, gardens and sufficient parking for at least two cars.

The Parish would like to see these houses offered to people who have lived in the area for

a certain amount of time and employed locally, similar to Salcombe.  They do not wish Churchstow to become a dormitory village for people working in Plymouth.

Environment – 100% of the returns supported to protect the AONB

With regards to the AONB,  a number of people asked what was happening to the proposed Potato Processing Plant.  

Richard Martin volunteered to lead a small working party to liaise with Richard Honey the

Barrister advising us and updated the meeting as follows:


A Draft S106 had been produced; this is the legal framework which contains conditions of building requirements.  Councillor Stewart reported that £130,000 was to be paid towards the affordable housing planned for the Galmpton Site and the two sites, Galmpton and Bantham Cross were inexplicably tied together.   Richard Martin thought that the Barrister, Richard Honey working on Churchstow’s behalf might advise us whether or not he considers that this is inappropriate in this instance.

Proposal to go on Neighbourhood Plan

Councillor Hind suggested that we start this with a request to remove the lighting from the

Bantham and Palegate Roundabouts and just leave the keep left bollards lit. This would not only

be a saving for the Council but would be the beginning of our quest for a “Dark Sky” policy for Churchstow.  The new housing development will have low level lighting instead of street lights and this should be the policy in any further development – this was agreed by those attending,

Climate Change – the meeting agreed with the findings.

Proposal to go on Neighbourhood Plan

No large solar panel or wind farms on agricultural land.   To encourage and support non-commercial installations.   The new housing will have a communal heating system fed by wood pellets.  There was a suggestion that solar panels should be fitted to new houses in the future.

Wildlife and Village Heritage  – continue in current vein.

Employment –  There was a suggestion from Richard Martin that if we wish to protect the AONB then if there is need for more commercial development then the area at Lee Cross owned by DCC although several years ago we fought against this development in the past.   It was felt that there were ample commercial development areas with space at Torr Quarry and Loddiswell.

The Parishioners continue to object to Lidstone’s Potato Processing Plant relocation plans and consider local employment would not be increase.

Proposal to go on Neighbourhood Plan

This should be limited to the existing Business Parks.  (this is presuming that the Potato

Processing Plant goes ahead.)

Village Amenities – David Reeves has very kindly offered some land for a “permissive footpath” from the Business Park to the Village.  

It was felt that there would eventually be a need for a larger Community Hall which could

house a number of facilities for the village i.e. a Doctors surgery.  We have an area at the bottom

of the affordable housing site which might be considered for this.  The Council are looking at timescale of 10 years.

Speeding and traffic problems – The Council has been notified that the Police have admitted

after considerable pressure from Tony Puncher that there is a speeding problem in


It was felt that some of the problems could be alleviated by the addition of a Table Top in Pump Lane.  Councillor Stewart thought that a sign by the new play area “slow down Children at Play” might also help.

There was concern that drivers still turn right although there Is a sign saying “no right turn”.  It was pointed out that this is a blue sign which is an advisory sign not a compulsory sign.  It has been requested that a 20 mile an hour speed limit be imposed in Pump Lane but the Police do not want this as they would be obliged to “police it” and don’t have the man-power.

Proposal to go on Neighbourhood Plan

To continue to investigate the possibility of a cycle/walking path between Churchstow which

would join up to the proposed path that David Reeves has donated from the Business Park to the Village.

To pursue and to alleviate the problems regarding speeding within Churchstow

To investigate the viability of a new Community Hall and to find land for community use

Alec Jackson of 1 Elston House, Elston Farm asked if he could read out his letter to the meeting:-

“ Sue, I do not have answers to all the difficult questions posed in the questionnaire, but I

would like to express views on the over-all development anticipated.  

Our forefathers bequeathed to us National Parks, the Green belt and AONBs, what will our legacy to the future – unrestrained urban sprawl, wind farms, solar panels and pseudo-industrial development?  

Housing is needed but small-scale so as not to swamp the existing area and a mixture of private and affordable also appropriate to local employment demands.  

The vast majority of existing housing in Churchstow Is unobtrusive and hidden from view (even the industrial site) siting of future development should also be appropriately positioned.  The proposed Potato Plant is the very antithesis of this.  Sited on the highest most prominent and visible plot in the area with 24 hr 7/7 light, noise and traffic aggravation it could hardly be more inappropriate.  

Tourism is now the most important industry in the South Hams but people do not come to see more of the urban sprawl they have left behind at home.  Protecting the environment and what is still left of rural life is not NIMBYism or preserving a museum, it is protecting the South Hams most important industry.”

The above was greeted with wholehearted approval.

3.   Land

Councillor Hind asked the meeting if anyone knew of any land that might become available, possibly

Gifted  to the community for amenity land, the Council would be delighted to hear from them.

Councillor Hind thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9 p.m.



Present: Councillors:   Steve Mammatt,

                                    Yanine Tarr,

                                    John Woodley,

                                    Paul Williams

                                     Eddie Maclaney

S.Hams District Councillor:    Ian Bramble

County Councillor:                  Rufus Gilbert

Apologies received: Councillors:         Roger Hind

                                                            Geoffrey Stewart

Members of Public attending:             Mr. Phil Cridland

1.  Welcome

The Vice Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited County Councillor Gilbert to give his report as he was due at another Parish Meeting.

C.Cllr. Gilbert told the meeting that SHDC would be employing 16 more parking enforcement officers and it is hoped that this will help with more sensible enforcement on parking.  It was commented that some of the enforcement officers were aggressive and instead of fining people who overstayed a couple of minutes they would be better fining those who created a traffic problem.   C. Cllr. Gilbert then apologised for not being able to stay for the full meeting and left to go to the next meeting.

2.  Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr. Hind and Cllr. Stewart

3.  Matters arising from Minutes

There were no matters arising

4.  Update on Local Plan and arrange date for Open Meeting

It was decided that the next Open Meeting would be scheduled for 8th October after a short Parish Council Meeting which will be held at 7pm in the Vestry.  The Open Meeting will then be held in the Church Hall at 8 pm. as the Abbots room was booked for the 41 Club.

5.  Planning Applications

1.  Application No. 11/2123/14/F – Extension to Village Shop, Churchstow.

The Councillors felt it was of great importance to support this application for a much needed extension to this busy shop.  

2.  Application No. 11/2012/14/CU – Conversion of Agricultural Barn, Gratton Farm,


Although this was out of time due to the Clerk being on holiday when it arrived, the Councillors agreed that this would have been approved.  Although we had missed the deadline Cllr. Bramble suggested that we still write with the Council’s approval.

 3.  Application No. 2_11/1818/14/F – Retention of existing polytunnel, replacement and relocation of existing shed, Merryfield Meadows, Aveton Gifford.

This arrived during August when the council did not meet and the Clerk was on holiday.  

The Councillors looked at the plans and this would have been approved.

4.  Application No. 11/2257/14/tw – Tree Preservation Order, Whitehall Manor, Churchstow.

Cllr. Paul Williams told the meeting that he had an interest in this as he lived at Whitehall Manor.

The Councillors looked at the proposed plans and agreed that it was sensible to remove the two branches overhanging the drive.  The Clerk to send off approval.

6.   Update on Parklands Situation

Cllr. Tarr reported that the signs had been moved back from the road but were still there.

Cllr. Bramble said that due to the economic situation there had been no enforcement on A Boards.  It was felt that temporary signs, such as the Kingsbridge Show were acceptable but permanent signs are not acceptable and it looks a mess.

7.  Update from Action Group regarding Lidstones

No report as such but Cllr. Bramble told the meeting that the advice was not to submit a Judicial Review until the 106 had gone through.  It appears that the 106 for the Galmpton site has not yet been signed and the two go hand in hand.

8.  Leaflet Distribution

Each of the Councillors took leaflets and it was hoped that these would be distributed this weekend.  The Council are hoping that people will be able to respond by 26th September in time to collate them.  A meeting was then arranged for the lst October to go through the responses and draft an Agenda for the Open Meeting on the 8th October.

9.  Any other Business

Speeding – The Councillors felt that they had done everything they could so far but the police still insist there is no speeding through the village.  They reported that the average speed was 35 mph. It was suggested that when the Housing Development starts there may be a way to get this reduced to a 20 mph limit.

The Police suggested that someone might go on a course on how to use a Speed Gun.  Cllr. Mammatt is hoping to attend this.  Cllr. Williams suggested speed bumps, The Council has already investigated this plus the possibility of 20 mph signs, virtual pavement etc. The Council will persevere with this and try to find a means to deter speeding before someone gets killed.

The Clerk asked if any of the Councillors wished to attend the DALC AGM and Conference on Saturday 11th October 2014.  It was suggested that the Chairman, Cllr. Hind had attended previously and might be interested.  

Cllr. Mammatt reported he is hoping resurrect the Kingsbridge and District Light Railway Co. a “little railway” that ran along the Quay.

It would cost about £20,000 to establish this, the track in itself would cost around £8000 and they would be looking for funding. Unfortunately it might have to run on the other side of the estuary as the wall on the original side is falling away.  Cllr. Bramble said that although it has been agreed to mend the wall, funding had not yet been set aside.

Cllr. Bramble reported that Parishes responses to SHDC Local Plan has been extended to 3rd October, 2014.  We would need to put in our suggestions otherwise they would not be included.

The Clerk, Sue Fink asked whether there would be any objection to her taking on the position of Minute Secretary to the South Hams Society.

Cllr. Williams said that he was on the Committee and had made this information available when approached to be a Councillor.  There were other people on the Council who were members so it was felt this would not pose a conflict of interest for Sue.  It was however suggested that Sue write to DALC and ask the same question.

10.  Date of Next Meeting

There will be a meeting on lst October at 7.30pm  in the Vestry at the Church House Inn to collate replies from leaflet drop.  

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 8th October, 2014 at 7 pm in the Vestry room in The Church House Inn followed by an Open Meeting regarding the Local Plan at 8 pm in the Church Hall.

Cllr. Mammatt thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.



Present: Councillors:             Roger Hind – Chairman

                        Geoffrey Stewart,

                        John Woodley,

                        Paul Williams


S.Hams District Councillor:  Ian Bramble

County Councillor:                Rufus Gilbert

Apologies received: Councillors: Yanine Tarr

                                                     Steve Mammatt



1.   Welcome

The Chairman, Councillor Hind opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  The Minutes of the meeting held on 16th July  were approved and signed as were the Minutes of the Open Meeting regarding the “Local Plan”.

2.   Apologies

Apologies were received from Councillors: Steve Mammatt

3.   Matters arising from the previous Minutes

There were no matters from the previous Minutes

4.   Update on Local Plan – date of next open meeting

South Hams District Councillor Ian Bramble suggested that we should take this opportunity to make our feelings clear about using the brown field site where the proposed potato processing plant will be, that no further industrial buildings should be allowed.  Since this application was approved there have been reports that this particular type of potato industry is in decline and therefore there would possibly be an application for change of use to a processing plant for chipped/cooked potatoes In the future.   

The Planning Application submitted by Lidstones was a travesty and we should now take this opportunity to reject any change of use, unless it could be turned back to housing.

Councillor Williams said that at one of the meeting he queried the application for light agricultural use to light industrial use.  

From this, it would only be a step for someone like Jewsons to make an offer.  

Councillor Bramble suggested that at our next Open Meeting we invite Michael Hicks, Executive member responsible for Planning .   He is prepared to come along and talk to Councils regarding planning permissions.

Councillor Hind was concerned that only a very few would turn up.  Councillor Bramble felt that as long as it was advertised in advance,  we should get interested people.

Councillor Stewart thought that although there were only a few at the last Open Meeting regarding the Local Plan, the suggestions that were put forward gave the Council an outline on what Parishioners expected  in the Local Plan and this will be the basis to go forward.

Councillor Bramble had sent a couple of examples from other parishes and the Clerk brought a questionnaire from Malborough Parish which she will circulate amongst the Councillors.

It was felt that we could use these as a basis on which to do a leaflet to be circulated to all Parishioners by hand as well as on the web site, Facebook and notice board.  Councillor Bramble will email a suggestion  to the Clerk in order to explain to our Parishioners how important this Plan is and that this will be enforced until 2031.  Unless we have some influence on our future  our Parish will have no clout.

At the next meeting, we will ask everyone to sign in and when they speak, introduce themselves when they have any suggestions.

5.  Planning Applications: 11/1407/14F and 11/1646/14F.

Both these applications were looked at by the Councillors present and they offered no objections.  Clerk to send back signed forms.

Mary Mills Farm – information only as Planning has been granted.  They have added more Earth Batter to the original plan.

6.   Update on Parklands Caravan Park.

An Enforcement Notice has been served but there are more and more signs appearing.  Councillor Hind will speak to Rating Department as it was suggested that there are people living there permanently.

7.   Update on Action Group – Lidstones Potato Processing Plant

Councillor Stewart reported that the Secretary of State is not going to call in the application.

Richard Honey is still reviewing the documents which Councillor Stewart, Richard Martin and SH District Councillor Ian Bramble have been sifting through  in order to prepare his report as to whether we have a case to go forward to a Judicial Review.  SHDC are under a lot of pressure to do the job properly.  

It was reported by Councillor Stewart that Richard Martin is concerned that he may be sued if this goes ahead and it was suggested that the Parish Council put their name to the report.  Councillor Hind was concerned that not all the parishioners would be in favour of our stand against the application but Councillor Stewart pointed out that at the three meetings that were held were between 50-70 persons attending that all were against it and in favour that the Council would fight this.

8.  Permission for Clerk to take CiLCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration )

Sue reported that as we were a small Parish Council there may be a Bursary available and that the cost would be kept to a minimum.    It was agreed that this would be very useful and Sue will now apply for a course.

9.   Any other business

Locallity Fund  - Councillor Bramble has monies available for a parish project.  Councillor Hind thought this would help with local byelaws regarding  signage, car parking, children’s play area.

Councillor Hind will draw up a list for Councillor Bramble who will then check that we can use this money for the above.

Defibrillator – ongoing.  It was suggested that the Clerk write to David at the Church House Inn formally,  to confirm that St. Austell Brewery are happy to have this on their premises.

Luscombe Maye Anniversary Oak – it has been decided that this should be planted on the Green by the Church – Sue to contact and arrange time and date

10.  Date of next meeting

There is no meeting planned for the month of August, although we are hoping to put together an agenda for the next meeting regarding the “Local Plan” which should be held within the next few weeks.   The next Council meeting is 10th September, 2014

As we nearly had a problem forming a quorum for this meeting, it would be helpful if everyone could let me know whether they will be coming or not in the future.   If we then cannot form a quorum I can let everyone know the meeting will be cancelled and rescheduled for another date.

The Chairman thanked those that attended and the meeting closed at 9 pm.



Present: Councillors: Roger Hind – Chairman

             Geoffrey Stewart,

             Yanine Tarr,

             John Woodley,

             Steve Mammatt,


Apologies received:   Councillors: Eddie MacLaney

                                             Paul Williams

                           County Coucillor: Ian Bramble

1.   Audited Accounts.

The Chairman and the Clerk signed the audited accounts.  Cllr Stewart had requested

an extension of time as firstly the Clerk and then the Chairman were away on holiday.

This would be sent off immediately once signed.

2.   Planning Application: 11/1381/14, Osborne Newton, Aveton Gifford.  Erection of

Agricultural building.  

The Councillors took time to look at the site plan and did not feel there were any

grounds for objections.

3.   Parkland Caravan Park.

Cllr. Woodley voiced his concerns about the amount of signs appearing.  Cllr. Tarr agreed

with him and has offered to contact them regarding this.   The clerk will forward

the Breach of Planning to Cllr Tarr regarding other signs and extra caravans.

4.  Facebook

Cllr Mammatt agreed to set up a Facebook account for the Parish Council.

5.  Date of next meeting

Wednesday 9th July. 7.30 in the small meeting room at the Church House Inn

The Chairman thanked the Cllrs for attending and the meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.



Present:    Councillors: Roger Hind – Chairman

                Geoffrey Stewart,

                Yanine Tarr,

                John Woodley,

               Steve Mammatt,

               Adrian Masters.

District Councillors:       Rufus Gilbert

                                     Ian Bramble

Apologies received:   Eddie MacLaney


The Chairman, Cllr. Hind  welcomed everyone to the meeting


Initially there was some hostility towards the Parish Councillors and Cllr. Tarr reminded everyone at the meeting to cast their minds back when some years ago Churchstow had no  council and if it hadn’t been for the Chairman Roger Hind knocking on doors asking if anyone would join him in forming a Council then SHDC would have taken Churchstow over.  She asked if this was what the parishioners wanted to happen again.  This, to a degree diffused the situation and a debate started on how the village wanted to go forward regarding Lidstone’s.

A number of questions were put to Council and District Councillor Ian Bramble gave a very eloquent explanation of the process that had led up to the decision by the Planning Department to grant this application.  He went on to explain that the parishioners could appeal but warned that this would be a costly exercise and with no guarantee that we would win.  He suggested that the best way forward would be to elect a sub-committee who would report back to the Parish Council.  They would have to set up a fund to pay the cost of this appeal which would initially need to employ a professional Planning Consultant who would give an opinion on whether they had a case strong enough to go to the next stage, which is to instruct a Solicitor.

Richard Martin, who has been involved from the beginning of the process and who spoke for the Parish of Churchstow at the Planning Meeting has agreed to start this process, using the same team as before.  They are: Richard Martin, Geoffrey Stewart, Ian Bramble, Graham Percival and Judy Martin.  They will be approaching all parishioners to help with a fund towards the costs.  

Cllr. Steve Mammatt suggested that the Parish Council start this fund by donating £500 this was agreed at the Council meeting following the Open Forum

The Open Forum then closed at 8.30.  This was then followed by the monthly Parish Council Meeting.


Cllr. Geoffrey Stewart presented the Accounts for the year 2013/14 which were approved by the Council.

£5000 will be ring fenced for a Community/Play area which will be situated within the Affordable Housing Plan.

Cllr. Stewart would also like to explore different accounts in order to get a better interest rate.

District Councillor Rufus Gilbert reported that out of 4500 potholes that needed work we are down 700.  Quality of repairs has improved with the better weather.  Some of the potholes which were filled in temporarily are now been done properly.

District Councillor Ian Bramble reported regarding the Boundary Changes.   At the moment we are under Thurlestone Ward but we will  now come under Aveton Gifford Ward.  One of  the outcomes of this change is a reduction in Wards.

We are saving £700,000 per year by sharing with West Devon Borough Council.  80% of the council costs are in salaries.  8-10% of employees who leave will not be replaced.  The Planning Department is one of the Departments that will be retained at full strength.

The Chief Executive tended his resignation earlier this year, 3 years prior to his retirement date.  This was an unselfish decision to retire early.  Two corporate directors below him would share his duties and this would be a saving of 60-70K.

The management level below will be reduced from 7 – 5 Heads of Department, they will have to apply for positions and will be subject to interview, to compete for these jobs.  The quality of people we employ has to be high.  This will take place over 12 months.

Investment will be in computer hardware as tax payers will expect the same level of service and better quality of hardware and software.

The annual cost saving is around 2,500,000.00 per year. By 2020 Government grants will be stopped, only paying for Statutory obligations.  We are further forward than most councils with 40,000 homes, 700K/year saved so far, helps council tax bills.  

Employees of SHDC are working under a lot of pressure and uncertainty regarding jobs, and I think they should be commended for that.

Cllr. Masters asked District Cllr. Bramble that regarding those people re-applying for jobs, would they be given redundancy if they failed to get a position.

District Cllr. Bramble replied that those people would be offered other lower positions, the feeling being that it is better to be in a job, even a lesser one.

District Cllr. Gilbert said that costs will be incurred in pension costs but provision is being made for this.

Cllr. Stewart wanted to know whether employees were charged for parking at Follaton House.

Cllr. Gilbert replied that this will end in 2014 and the new Council will review this in 2015. Half of Follaton House has been sublet so half of the cars parked there are not SHDC. A large number of the public come to Follaton House for different reasons and it would be unfair to charge for parking as many couldn’t afford it.

He also went on to say that Cllrs. are charged parking when they visit County Hall in Exeter. It was also pointed out that none of the Councils charged for parking at their offices.

Cllr. Bramble said that although we don’t charge for parking, we do sell our services i.e. payroll services from which we get a substantial income but this is not widely publicised.

Cllr. Stewart asked Cllr. Gilbert whether there was any reaction from Thurlestone regarding the Lidstone Pototo Plant as he felt it did affect them.

Cllr. Gilbert replied that he had had no adverse comment about the Potato Plant.

He informed the meeting that he has been made Chairman of the Investment and Pensions Committee.


It was decided to go ahead and order this equipment.   One of the councillors would speak to Dave at the Church House Inn regarding the confirmation of siting of this.

Cllr. Mammatt suggested that we had a sign near the front door of the pub directing the Public as to the siting of the Defibrillator.


The Councillors all looked at the planning application for an Agricultural Storage Barn.  At Mary Mills Farm, Sorley Green.   There was a concern that this will be highly visible. Cllr. Masters was going to look at the area and report his findings back to the Council.  


Sue had received an email regarding Self Help Emergency Plans and asked if we had one.  Churchstow has already got a certain amount of this in situ.

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm and Cllr. Hind thanked everyone for attending.


The AGM – Wednesday 21st May 7.30 in Abbotts Room.



Present: Councillors:  Roger Hind – Chairman,

                                  Adrian Master

                                  Yanine Tarr

                                  John Woodley

                                  Steve Mammatt   

                                  Geoff Stewart

District Councillor:     Ian Bramble

Apologies received:   Cllr. Eddie MacLaney

                                  Devon County Councillor. Rufus Gilbert


The Chairman, Cllr. Roger Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.   These were duly signed by the

Chairman Cllr. Hind.


District Councillor Bramble commented that the Minutes taken were excellent and asked for this

to be minuted.

Neighbourhood Plan.

This is an ongoing situation

Fibre Optic Cable

There were issues regarding this as it appears that Heart FM owns the cable.  Cllr. Stewart asked if it  would benefit the Parish if we could come to an agreement with Heart FM  regarding the licencing and run this cable into the village, this would benefit the whole village  and bring up the speed of our Broadband.   Cllr. Bramble did say that BT could install a cabinet.  It was suggested that as Heart FM was no longer at the Business Park that BT may buy it and then sell it to the Business Park.  Cllr. Mammatt suggested that he would try and get more information regarding this.  Cllr. Bramble  will speak to Cllr.Gilbert as he has been dealing with something similar in another Parish.


Cllr. Stewart had had a meeting with Richard Martin and Graham Percival.  Graham Percival went through how he thought we should tackle this, getting the information to Planning and Kati Owen.  

Cllr. Bramble thinks this may take longer than we expected but we should have the Case Officer’s report  two weeks before 19th March, so we should receive this by 5th March.   There were some outstanding issues regarding drainage.  Cllr. Stewart thought we should get a list of  4 major points and suggested Visual impact, A.N.O.B.  and Campaign for Rural England and that the Planning Department had not followed their own guide lines.

Cllr. Mammatt suggested that rather than noise level from the chillers we would be subjected to low frequency noise which travels a long distance.  It is a low hum/vibration.  Cllr. Stewart has also had a  similar experience  and described  it as “a lorry idling its engine”  and it manifests itself by vibrating through items in the house.   Cllr. Hind agreed that we should be careful how we describe this noise, that this is not a loud noise but a low frequency hum which can be very disturbing.

Cllr. Bramble said that once he has this report he will not support the application and then it will go to The Development Management Committee and that would be the time to decide on what questions to ask.

Cllr. Stewart suggested that as the public are allowed in these meetings, maybe we should encourage parishioners to go which might make the Council realise that we are serious about this. Cllr. Stewart would be happy to contribute towards the cost of a coach to take people to the meeting and is looking into cost.

Cllr. Bramble did suggested that we might not get everyone into the Chamber due to fire regulations although it is possible to fit in between 40-50.  

Cllr. Stewart suggested that the South Hams Gazette should also be involved, but we also had to accept that the reporter would also want a comment from the Applicant.

Cllr. Bramble suggested that we did not ask the questions before the meeting, as Kati Owen would most certainly then have the answers.  These questions could then be posed at the meeting. He felt that the Council would not be against the application as there were employment implications.  We could then prove that they haven’t followed “due process”.

Cllr. Masters said that if we had some really pertinent points we could have the upper hand  and be able to ask “why haven’t you done this?”  He was also concerned that “due process” could be a double edged sword.  It was decided that once we have the Case Officer’s Report we ask Graham Percival to come up with some relevant questions.  It was also suggested that Graham Percival would brief the spokesperson from the Parish – it is hoped that Richard Martin would agree to speak on our behalf.  Cllr. Hind read out notes he had made regarding this which we can refer to at a later date.

Parishioners who wrote to the Police, where contacted but no-one has heard since the initial contact.

Cllr. Masters is going to contact Gordon Waterhouse who is an local Naturalist and he might have some suggestions regarding the environmental impact.


The letter from the Kingsbridge Metal Detector Club was circulated amongst the Councillors. It was decided that this would be put on the Notice Board so that Parishioners could contact them directly.  This letter would also be put on the Council Website.   Sue to write to the Club to inform them.


Sue met with Graham Worral – Rotary and Steve Kerr – Heart Start to discuss other possibilities regarding the Defibrillator.  Sue explained that we could purchase a defib. From Wel Medical for £400.00 and a waterproof cabinet for £450 with a 7 year warranty against the initial cost quoted of £1400 plus £600 for a cabinet.  The difference would be that we would have to insure this and replace the battery after 5 years and the pads when used.  We would also have to check this monthly to ensure it was in full working order.   Heart Start would give training to any interested party free of charge.

It was agreed by the meeting that they would buy the defib. through Wel Medical, particularly as it was under warranty for 7 years as opposed to 4 year warranty.    Cllr. Hind would speak to David, the owner of the Church House Inn regarding where the defib. could be situated.    Once this has been decided Sue will apply for the defib.   Sue will also write to Graham Worral and Steve Kerr to thank them for their help and inform them of the decision made at the meeting.

Cllr. Masters suggested that we might investigate having two defibs. available and one could be situated at the Business Park.   We should contact Nick Tear?


Cllr. Bramble reported  The Ward Boundary Survey had been published today and that the Council’s recommendations had been accepted and Churchstow would fall in with Aveton Gifford.

He also reported that Council Tax would go up by 1.9% on last year.  Example – Band D which is now £1540 would rise to £1570 a £30.00 per year increase.

Cutting of Grass – Cllr. Hind had spoken to Bernard Scot who has been exceedingly busy and cannot give us a commitment.  Will speak to Rob Shaw  Cllr.Hind will now contact the Groundsman Company for an indication of costs.

Cllr. Hind had received a request from the Treasurer of Churchstow Parochial Church Council asking if the Council would again pay towards the maintaining of the churchyard.  We donated

£300.00 last year and it was agreed that we would do the same this year.  

Cllr. Masters reported that he had found a large number of empty glass bottles in a plastic bag thrown over the hedge at Sorley.  He couldn’t understand why anyone would stop in such a dangerous place to do this.  Cllr. Woodley also said he had experienced similar and a number of Councillors also reported rubbish being left near their houses.

Cllr. Masters also reported to the meeting that Cllr. John Carter was gravely ill.

Cllr. Woodley reported that residents had received a letter regarding the cutting back of the hedge at Pump Lane as the Highways department was going to do some work on the road.  They have been asked to get this done by the lst March but certainly before the end of March.  Cllr. Hind was to tell David Reeves not to cut this hedge.

Cllr. Bramble enquired as to whether we had any information regarding Bibio, affordable housing project.   Cllr. Hind suggested they might be awaiting the decision regarding the Potato Processing Plant.

Cllr. Bramble also asked about the damage to the local shop.  Cllr. Hind is to write to Planning Regarding the TPO on the fir tree and give them a “rocket”.

Cllr. Stewart reported that both Church Hill and Tithe Hill had a river running down them and this blocks up every day and needs clearing out which he and another neighbour do regularly. He has spoken to the Council about this but no-one has come to have a look.  Cllr. Woodley said that as long as he could remember this has been a problem.  One suggestion was that a concrete gulley could be be put in to divert the water away from the road.

Cllr. Mammatt reported that there was a waste paper bin outside Woodlands but it never gets emptied as it has never been adopted by SHDC.   Cllr. Mammatt empties it but as it isn’t owned by anyone, has asked if it possibly be taken away.   Cllr. Masters is going to look into this.  If it is removed then we would have to be very careful that everything is removed so that no accident can happen.

The meeting closed at 8.30.  The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.


To be decided once the Case Officer’s report has been received.



Present: Councillors:  Roger Hind – Chairman,

                                   Adrian Master

                                   Yanine Tarr

                                   John Woodley

                                   Steve Mammatt   

                                   Geoff Stewart


Devon County Councillor:    Rufus Gilbert

District Councillor:               Ian Bramble

Apologies received from: Eddie MacLaney


The Chairman Cllr. Roger Hind welcomed everyone to the meeting and suggested that as District Councillor Rufus Gilbert could only stay for a short while,  he opened the meeting by giving the Parish Councillors a map of the Parish Council.  He felt that even though we are a small parish there are some important roads running through it.

The major roads are marked it colours and Rufus will email the legend to The Chairman and Sue Fink – clerk.  This will also include categories of roads, and levels of standards to which they should be kept.  It was suggested that it might be framed for the future, copies could be made for all the councillors. Cllr. Mammatt would like to wait for a better file copy and he would then copy this and send out to all Parish Councillors, he also thought there was a few errors and a bit of the Parish missing.

Cllr. Gilbert suggested that Central Government has got to come up with some more money as the roads are getting worse, particularly after the terrible weather we are presently experiencing.

Cllr. Gilbert said that Devon County Council has been asked to offer possible land at Leigh Cross for use.  This is pretty unlikely and left copy of letter of explanation with the Parish Council.

Cllr. Stewart went to meeting regarding this land but this never went further.  It was pointed out by the Chairman that

 1.  One of our Parish Councillors – John Woodley farms this land.

 2.   That it only moves the problem further on.

Cllr.Gilbert asked if we had received the Defibrillator money.  This was going to cost £1,400 and £700 for the cabinet and it was only guaranteed for 4 years when another one would have to be purchased, this was considered not to be practical.  Graham Worrall will come to see us regarding another offer.

Cllr. Stewart suggested that now that they had a new clerk – Sue, that she could upload the Minutes onto the website once they had been approved.

Chairman, Cllr. Hind said that there had been a lot of activity lately on the website.

With regard to the Potato Processing Plant Cllr. Stewart asked if Cllr.Gilbert could help the Parish Council regarding the roads and asked if it was possible to find out whether there is a Highways recommendation.

It was also noted that objections had been put on the SHDC website and then taken off and then they re-appeared on the 31st January.  These apparently had been taken out to be editedin case of bad language.

The Chairman Roger Hind asked Cllr. Gilbert what was going on around our area.   Cllr. Gilbert reported that Slapton Line might be breached, that four houses in Torcross had been evacuated due to the weather.  There was nothing that impacted on Churchstow.

He went on to report that Youth Centres were up for review as were Day Centres for the disabled.  There will be a 45 day Consultation Process starting on 4th February.

The District Council has to make a saving 1 million per week.  At present we receive £100 per child whereas other areas get £400 per child.  Urban areas get far more than rural areas.

Cllr. Gilbert then made his apologies as he had another meeting to go onto.  He wished The Parish Council good luck.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.   These were duly signed by the Chairman Cllr. Roger Hind as a true record of this meeting.


Speeding -   The Chairman had had a conversation with Sgt. Dave Green who had said that this was now in hand.  

Top of Pump Lane – still not cut.

Fibre Optic Cable -  Quba Sails are paying for the cable to be connected.   Someone will need to nudge BT as up until a few weeks before Christmas they were unaware of the cable.

Neighbourhood Plan

It was felt that help was needed regarding this.  Cllr. Bramble said there is a South Hams District Council website which has notes on Neighbourhood Plan.  Click on “Your Communities” the “Community Planning” and scroll down to “Neighbourhood Development

Plans and Orders.”

Local Government Associations – he left copies with the Parish Council.  There are 10 commitments on the pre-application for planning applications.   This has some relevance to The Potato Processing Application.  It could be argued that SHDC did not follow the pre-application plan as stated in their own website.


The Planning Officer Kati Owen has so far has not made any recommendations and needs more information regarding noise.  She will then approach the Ward Member Cllr Bramble asking whether he would be happy for the decision to be made under “Member Delegated Authority” Cllr. Bramble said at the meeting that he will not support this and will ask that it goes to the Development Management Committee.  

Two persons from the Parish can attend, one for the application and one against the application.     They will have three minutes each in which to put forward their point of view but Cllr. Bramble can speak for as long as necessary.

He went on to explain that the Parish can appeal a decision.  That appeal can be made without cost to the Parish.  He suggested that we consult with Graham Percival if he is happy to be involved.

If it goes to Building Inspectors they need to be seen that they have followed “due process” and they could be vulnerable at this point.

The Chairman was concerned that there are some parishioners that think this processing Plant might be a good idea.

Cllr. Stewart said that at the latest meeting there were approximately 50 people present and that the Chairman had done everything right.  Only people against the processing plant were at the meeting and no-one came forward to back it.  To his knowledge only one person had written in speaking for the application and they were from Malborough.

They were pleased to see a letter from South Hams Society speaking against the application  Robin Toogood has also spoken against this application.

It was suggested that if the application was turned down, Lidstone’s might go to Michael Bakers field on the other side of the roundabout.

Cllr. Bramble felt that the initial meeting where 75 people turned out and the 2nd meeting where 50 parishioners attended was considered to be a good turnout.  Cllr. Stewart felt that the meeting gave the Parish Council a mandate to work on.

What is our next step?

It was felt that the Parishioners were looking for leadership.  Cllr. Stewart stated that he would like to become involved.  At the time of the public meeting he was unsure  If this would be the correct thing suggest.  The rest of the Cllrs agreed that this was the way forward.

Cllr Tarr asked for clarification about funding a consultation.  The Chairman stated that the Parish Council would need 100% of the Parish behind this.   There are a number of Parishioners who would be happy to help fund an action.  

It was decided that Cllr. Stewart would speak to Graham Percival and Phil Cridland and possibly Richard Martin.

Cllr. Masters is going to give Cllr. Stewart the name of a contact for the Council of Rural England who lives in Galmpton.

There was a concern that if this Application was successful then the Affordable Housing which the Council worked extremely hard to get might be put in jeopardy as it may deter people buying some of the houses which will be on the open market.

Cllr. Tarr suggested that we need to communicate better with our Parishioners.  There are many that do not know the historical reasons as to how the Parish Council was formed after the whole of the previous Parish Council resigned.  It appears that many people do not realise that the Parish Councillors are all volunteers, none of whom were elected because not enough parishioners wanted to join the Parish Council

It was suggested that Sue, with help from the Councillors could up-date the website with background information informing people what the Councillors can do and are doing.

Cllr. Bramble passed on an Application Form, Sustainable Community Locality Fund  to Cllr Hind regarding the defibrillator, Cllr Stewart will fill this in and the Chairman  will sign this and return it to Cllr. Bramble.

Cllr. Bramble reported that at the end of the month there would be a report on the Ward Boundaries.


All the Councillors had received a letter from Mr and Mrs. Haskins regarding the letter that as put on the notice board.   It was considered sufficient that Cllr. Masters had already replied and answered the points made in their letter.

Cutting of Grass – The Chairman is to contact Highways department regarding this to find how much grass cutting will be done.

He has had an email from “The Groundsman” and will also be contacting Bernard Scott.   Both will be asked to quote for the cutting of the grass.  The Council would have to check that the correct insurance was in place.


The next Parish Council Meeting has been arranged for 25th February, 2014  - 7.30 p.m. The meeting closed at 9 p.m. – The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.        




A meeting was arranged for 7 pm on 21st January for interested parties to look at the resubmitted plans for proposed Potato Processing Plant.

Approximately 50 people attended this meeting Chairman Cllr Roger Hind chaired the discussion.

Mr. Les Birt opened this discussion by asking whether Churchstow Parish Council supported the proposed plans.  The Chairman replied that the Parish Council was not in support of this planning application.

Mr. Birt then went on to say that there appears to be a “false statement” which again appears In the application stating that the Parish Council had a positive site meeting and were in support of these plans.  The Chairman said that at no time had there been a site meeting with the Parish Councillors and this was pointed out to the appropriate parties and should have been withdrawn.   This has been stated again and is now considered a “False Statement”.   Mr Birt felt it should be reported to the Chief Constable for investigation.  He has already written to the Chief Constable regarding this.

The meeting felt that not much has changed since the last application apart from the addition of water collection.   A lively debate on where the sludge would eventually go ensued.

As this is an area of Outstanding  Natural Beauty there was also concern about the landscaping.  A number of people who live in the area pointed out that nothing actually grows and certainly would not grow to any height hence the buildings would be visible from a great distance.

Mr. Birt also pointed out that the planning included “Cold Stores” but did not mention the addition of refrigerated plant.   These would need 100 kw of electricity.

There was concern that there would be noise pollution and so far no noise evaluation has been done.  He wondered if this had been deliberately left off the plans in order not to do an evaluation He felt quite strongly that this is “wrongful deception” and should be reported to the Chief Constable.

The only Noise Evaluation that has been done, was under factory conditions and only on one machine and not on the refrigeration plant.

It was suggested that the Parish Council should get someone to represent them legally, but there was some concern about using Parish monies for this, as not everyone in the Parish of Churchstow attended meeting and it would need 100% support against this application to fund this,

There was also comments as to why the plans were submitted as four separate applications, when, in commercial terms it should be one.  The official answer was that this was the cheaper option,  It was suggested that it was a way in which to avoid an Environmental Impact Assessment.

The meeting also felt that they should ask why screening was not included under Environmental Impact Development  as this states it is a major development.  

It was suggested  that we should challenge the landscape character, effect on the skyline and light  pollution.

Cllr. Adrian Masters commented that he felt that this Development is in the wrong place and suggested that an Action Group be set up that evening from the people at the meeting.  Everyone agreed to this suggestion.  

He then went on to ask if any person would come forward to front this, unfortunately no-one  present  felt they had either the time or the expertise to do this.

Cllr. Masters went on to suggest that interested parties visit the Parish Website to view the letters of objection Phil Crigland and Les Birt had sent to South Hams Planning Department.

Cllr Masters was upset that the “villagers” present did not feel strongly enough to do something about this and left the meeting.

Cllr. Hind suggested that a letter of objection will be posted on the Churchstow Parish Council Website for any interested party to read and use the information to send a letter to the SHDC with their objections.

Concerns were also raised about the amount of heavy traffic on our small roads especially if the business  then expanded.

It was also asked if the proposed Housing Development had put in an objection as the new houses Being  proposed were quite close to the Processing Plant and would be subjected to noise.

Mr. Birt offered to give copies of his objections to anyone who was interested in order that they might use his information to draft their own letter to both the Chief Constable and SHDC – the  new  contact at SHDC is Miss Kati Owen.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.




(Planning ref: 11/1544-7/13F)

Over 50 persons (including Parish Council Chairman Roger Hind, Dist. Cllr Ian Bramble and County Councillor Rufus Gilbert) attended the meeting held in the Church Hall to view the numerous plans for a Potato Processing Plant, Office Block and Dwelling at a site at Bantham Cross. The plant included a washing/grading unit and two large cold storage buildings. The entrance to the site would be off the Bantham Cross – Elston Cross road.

Chairman Roger Hind reported that on behalf of the Parish Council he had written at length to the Development Department at South Hams District Council taking issue with the shortage of time given to consider the individual applications submitted, the complete lack of operational details of the proposed site and particularly the inaccuracies relating to the Parish Council made in the 'design and access statement' by the applicants. For example, the statement said that 'a Parish Meeting had been held in the Village Hall to a favourable result'. Chairman said this was completely untrue and no such meeting had been held.

Many concerns were expressed by Parishioners, in particular environmental issues of noise and light pollution, access to the site from a busy main road, and the usage of agricultural land for industrial use. It was questioned as to why Churchstow had been selected for this operation.

Chairman stressed that parishioners who wished to object to this application should write or e-mail the Development Dept at SHDC immediately as objections had to be in by 7th August. Individual objections were important as a petition signed by many counted as one letter of objection.

Dist. Councillor Bramble told the assemble that he had taken note of the many objections made and that he would represent these views at the Planning Meeting on Wednesday 7th.

J.H Taylor

Churchstow Parish Clerk


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Friday 19th July 2013 at 7.30pm

Attending: Cllr Roger Hind (Chairman), Steve Mammatt, Yanine Tarr, Geoff Stewart,

John Woodley, Dist Cllr Ian Bramble, Mark Wilson o f BIBIO, Architects Rogers and Jones, and

Dr Peter Beale (Ecological Consultant).

Apols. Adrian Masters and Eddie McLaney and Rufus Gilbert.

The Minutes of the Meeting held at Follaton House 11th June were read and signed.

Mr Mark Wilson addressed the meeting and produced more detailed plans for the proposed housing development off the A379. The proposed 'Play Area', which caused some contention at Follaton House with the planners, had now been omitted from the plans and the land in question indicated as additional parking until the matter could be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Dr Peter Beale (Consultant ) indicated on the plans the proposed planting to form an avenue of trees

and the earth banks which would contain native species of shrubs. Details would follow at a later stage. This met with verbal approval from the Councillors. Mr Wilson said that it was hoped to submit a full planning application towards the end of August.

Planning Clerk had received a letter from Liz and Edward Perraton regarding the derelict barn at Gratton Farm. They said that the planners had refused their application for restoration and conversion of the barn. However, they were now in discussion again with SHDC and would submit a new application.

Appl no 11/1577/13F for Mr T Wilson (proposed covering over of cattle gathering area). No objection made.

Parish Council looked at the extensive Planning Application for the development of a Potato Processing Plant and Dwelling at a 5 acre site at Bantham Cross. This included Site Office and yard, grading building and 2 cold store buildings and detached dwelling. The Council took issue with the Viability Statement by Andrew Lethbridge Associates which states point 5 that 'Both proposals etc.... and received support from Churchstow Parish Council. ' This was not the case.

The Council also felt that this development is so large that it needs to be presented to the parishioners to gain their opinion on such a large project. Chairman agreed to contact the Planning Authority to request more time to consider the application. The cut off date of 30th July was too short. There were many other questions. Would the dwelling be subject to an agricultural tie. Would there be lighting and a possible wind turbine? What about screening and could the buildings be sunk lower out of view?

Financial. Accounts approved for Action West £45.00 and Parrott and Parrott (Audit) fee £216.00

Conclusion. Chairman wished to record the Parish Council's congratulations to Churchstow resident Josh Tarr (son of Cllr. Yanine) and Jason McKinlay who had just completed a two-man circumnavigation of Great Britain in a rowing boat and in the record time of 41 days, 4 hours and 38 minutes. This was a world record. All members agreed that it was a stupendous achievement.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.10pm.



Attending: Clls R. Hind (Chairman), Steve Mammatt, Yanine Tarr, Geoff Stewart, John Woodley,

Dist Cllr Ian Bramble, John Taylor (Clerk) Apols: Adrian Masters and Eddie McLaney.

Minutes of the Meeting held 6th February were signed. Matters arising: Chairman was talking to the Highways Authority regarding the trees in Pump Lane. Letter from Mr Seager Berry (Parish Church) thanking the Parish Council for the surplus Diamond Jubilee mugs which they had sold quickly. Regarding the Churchyard grass cutting, the Council approved payment of £300.00 towards this cost. This to be paid in the next financial year (April).

Planning matters. Applications 11/0256/13 and 11/0435/13 for listed building consent and extension to provide kitchen at Owlets Barn, Sorley, were considered and no objections made.

BIBIO . There followed a debate on the proposed affordable housing development. Chairman reported that Mr Puncher who lives on the A379 opposite the proposed site had complained about the speeding traffic. Whereas previous Highways' surveys had concluded that the road was safe, the recent Police Survey stated that some 25% of traffic exceeded 30mph. Chairman reported on a Community Speed Watch scheme where volunteers could receive training and use a radar gun to report offending motorists. Council expressed much interest in this and it was agreed to obtain more information from PC Mullen. Around the table all councillors and clerk said they were willing to undergo training. Chairman also reported that a vehicle weight limit might be applied to Pump Lane. Mr Mark Wilson (Man. Director of Bibio) had submitted to the Parish Council a Draft Report on the proposed housing development with access from the A379 and sought support from the Parish Council.

Decision. The Parish Council decided to give the green light to Bibio's proposals, specifically:

Proposed Development

3.1 is for a modest development of 16 Units, 13 Affordable local needs units and three open market detached dwellings, a 32 space car park for community use and children's' play area

3.2 Vehicle access for the 16 units will be from a new junction onto the A379. Pedestrian access will be to the South of the site on to road from Public House, a new pedestrian link across the road will be provided to tee into the existing footpath. This will provide an excellent safe route to the village centre and other facilities.

Other matters: E-mail address for John Woodley

Next Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 11th April at 7.30pm

Annual Parish Meeting and AGM – Thursday 2nd May at 7pm at the Abbots Room.


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held at 6pm on 27th November 2012.

In attendance: Cllrs Roger Hind (Chair), Adrian Masters, Yanine Tarr, Eddie McLaney, John Taylor (Clerk) and Mark Wilson and Andy Rigby (Bibio Ltd).

Planning Matters The Application ref 11/2629/12 - retrospective householder application for extension at Pullyblanks Granary, Churchstow was considered and no objection made.

Correspondence. Letter received from Liz and Edward Perraton regarding the 17th Cent. barn at Gratton Farm reporting that they had been refused funding to convert the barn to commercial office use (the Bank thought the project unviable) and therefore they would be submitting an application to convert the barn with a different interior use offering residential accommodation for lease rental.

Telephone Box. The Council agreed to pay the additional premium of £13.23 under the Public Liability Insurance Policy in respect of the Telephone Box.

Meeting with BIBIO LTD. Mr Mark Wilson addressed the Council and reported on their meetings and correspondence between the Architects (Rogers & Jones) and Mr Richard Jackson of Devon County Highways. Written notes of the meetings were distributed to the Parish Council from which it was apparent that direct access to the A379 from the proposed site would be non-acceptable. Mr Wilson discussed the current thinking on the development, taking into account all the comments raised by Parishioners at the Public Meetings and by the Parish Council, and, in detail, outlined Bibio's views on the relevant highway issues and a feasible layout for the site. The Parish Council was pleased to note that parking for the village and a play-area were included in the plans. Mr Wilson stressed that Bibio was now under time -pressure and that they had progressed to the stage where a large financial commitment would have to be made to provide the required assessments and seek planning approval. The views of the community were sought.

Conclusion. Following a lengthy discussion the Parish Council members agreed that a meeting with officers of the Highway Authority would be very helpful to discuss the traffic matters in more detail. Cllr Adrian Masters agreed to formulate a letter to the Highways Dept to arrange this discussion.


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 14th Nov. 2012

Attending: Cllr Roger Hind (Chairman), Cllrs. Steve Mammatt, G. Stewart, Y. Tarr, John Woodley, Dist. Cllr Simon Wright, Apols A.Masters and E McLaney, 6 Members of the Public.

Public Forum. Chairman welcomed parishioners to the meeting. He said that the Parish Council was trying very hard to gauge the feelings of the Parish with regard to the proposed development of

Affordable Homes on a site off Pump Lane. The Council had carried out a 'Needs Survey' and had called previous public meetings on the matter. The meetings had been widely advertised and written opinions obtained from parishioners. A lengthy discussion followed and it was evident that there were many concerns over this proposed housing, in particular the use of Pump Lane as a short cut to Salcombe and Thurlestone and the increase in traffic that the development would generate. The site entrance and the 'No Right Turn' at the junction with the A379 which attracts road users to Tithe Hill, were other concerns. The Chairman stated that these points together with all the written responses would be noted and discussed further at the Parish Council meeting.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes of the meetings held on the 10th and 24th October were signed.

Affordable Homes project. Chairman reviewed all the comments and opinions submitted and a lengthy discussion followed. Summing up, Chairman stated that it was clear that many of the points raised have got to be dealt with. The support of the Parish was needed before the project could proceed. It was agreed that the Clerk would make a draft of a letter to Bibio (the Developers) bringing up the whole list of points raised and in particular the traffic problems. This letter would be discussed fully at the next Parish Council Meeting before being sent.

Finance Payment made £45.00 for adverts in the Salcombe Gazette .

Planning Noted that Planning Permission granted to Little Court for alterations.

Telephone Box Chairman agreed to look into the Insurance of the telephone box.

Bus Stop. No objection raised by Council to the placing of a Notice Board inside the shelter.

Cllr Simon Wright addressed the meeting on behalf of Ian Bramble who is recovering from an operation. Cllr Wright agreed to look into the enforcement of the landscaping conditions at Holditch Barn.


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30 on

Thursday 20th September 2012.

Attending:  Cllr. Roger Hind (Chairman), Clls S. Mammatt, Yanine Tarr, G Stewart, E. McLaney, John Woodley, Ian Bramble (Dist. Cllr), J Taylor (Clerk) Apol: Adrian Masters.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 22nd August  2012 were signed. There were no matters arising.

Planning:  Council raised no objection to the following applications:

11/2056 Mr Pratt – extension and conversion at Little Court

11/1938 Mr Reeves – temporary agricultural workers dwelling Home Farm.

Application 08/1968 Erection of 2 Wind Turbines at Torr Quarry raised unanimous objections.

Chairman is to make formal letter of objection.  Cllr Arian Masters had advised that he was making a personal objection to the scheme.

Appl. 11/1939 Mr Wilson – erection of agr. Building over dung heap was referred to site visit as some points needed clarification.

South Hams D C Planning advised that the proposed general purpose agricultural building at Mary Mills, SorleyGreen, did not require prior approval and may be erected.  Also, Permission Granted to Alex Perraton to convert barn to offices and retain existing rendered masonry external finish.

Financial Matters:  Clerk reported that the Audit Commission had approved the accounts and the statutory  public notice had been displayed on the notice board.

Code of Conduct:   Correspondence from the Monitoring Officer at South Hams District Council advised that council must adopt a new Code of Conduct and new Registrable Interests forms will have to be completed.  Clerk to contact the authority for a supply of applicable forms for completion as soon as possible.

Affordable Housing project:   A further public meeting was necessary and a date of 10th October at 7pm was agreed upon to be held in the Church Hall.  Chairman and members agreed that this was the time to plan for the future and insist that land be reserved for a carpark, play area and community hall.

Telephone Box:  Cllr Eddie McLaney said that insurance could pose a problem in efforts to retain the box.  Chairman would look into adding it to the Parish Insurance policy.

Dist. Cllr Ian Bramble addressed the meeting and reported on the proposed alterations to council tax benefits and business rates which are coming from  

central government.  Much more will be heard about these issues.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Webmaster note: The minutes of meetings April-August 2012 were not made available electronically.


A public meeting was held on the 1st March 2012 at 8pm at the Abbot's Room to discuss the forthcoming Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations which will be held over the weekend of 2nd - 5th June.  In addition to members of the Parish and District Councils, 19 members of the public were in attendance.  Chairman of the meeting was Cllr. Roger Hind.

Following lengthy discussions and exchange of views, it was generally decided that:-

The Parish would participate in the national beacon event in which over 2000 beacons would be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and overseas. The beacons would be lit between the hours of 10pm and 10.30pm on Monday 4th June.  Churchstow would provide a beacon in Reeve's field.  Clerk would register the beacon with the Queen's Pageantmaster for inclusion in the Commemorative Book for the Royal Library at Windsor.  A disco would be held in a marquee.  Parishioners would be asked to provide timber and combustible material.

The Parish Council will order 144 Commemorative Mugs for children of the parish and for sale.

On Tuesday 5th June a street party would be held in the car-park.  2pm Children's entertainer in the Abbot's Room and at 4pm a party in the car-park.  Parishioners to bring their own food etc.

500 leaflets will be printed to advise all households in the parish of the celebrations.  These will be numbered to permit entry into the free raffle draw.

Volunteers are required to assist in all these arrangements.

The next Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 22nd March at the Abbot's Room.


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held at The Abbot's Room on 1st March 2012.


1. In attendance:  Cllrs R. Hind (Chairman) A. Masters, G. Stewart. E. McLaney, Y. Tarr, J. Woodley, Dist Cllr I. Bramble, Clerk J. Taylor. Apol. From Steve Mammatt.

2. Affordable Housing in Churchstow.  Mr Mark Wilson from BIBIO addressed the room prior to the Council Meeting on the above subject.  He stressed that very early discussions were taking place with a local landowner to provide possibly 16 homes at a site off Pump Lane. He produced plans for a possible development admitting that the scheme was at least 2 years away and planning problems were considerable.  Houses would be for local persons only who fulfilled a strict criteria.  Space to provide a village hall and community land could be allocated. Evidence of demand was provided by housing waiting lists.

3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th January were signed.  Matters arising were that the number of advertising signs at the business park and traffic islands had not been reduced and this proliferation of illegal signs was causing an eyesore in the parish.  Chairman to take this matter up again.  Regarding the red telephone box in the village, Cllr John Woodley was given contact numbers at BT to make further enquiries on 'adoption' of the installation.

4.Highways.  Letter read out from Devon County detailing the closure of the A379 between the hours of 1900 to 0600 for essential roadworks.   Work could take 4 weeks from 24th February.

5. Planning.   No objections were raised to the applications  11/0267 and 11/0306 for Mr Girling at the Business Park for solar installations.

6. Finance.   A donation of £50.00 was approved to support the South Devon Domestic Violence and Abuse service ( a registered charity).  Clerk would show details of the charity on the notice board.

7. The Parish AGM was arranged for 7.30pm on the 2nd May 2012.

      Next Parish Council Meeting 7pm on the 22nd March (prior to the Jubilee meeting).



Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 25th Jan. 2012 at 7.30pm

In attendance:   Cllr R. Hind (Chairman) Cllrs Steve Mammatt, Adrian Masters, Yanine Tarr, John Woodley, Eddie McLaney, Geoffrey Stewart.  John Taylor (Parish Clerk).  Apology from Dist. Cllr Ian Bramble.  No members of the public.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th December  were approved.  No matters arising except that it was reported that the Snow Warden scheme was on hold due to the exceptionable mild weather.

Planning Application 11/0017/12/F was considered by the Parish Council.  This application is a resubmission for conversion of redundant stone and cob barn at Gratton Farm into a commercial office/studio.  The previous application had been refused by South Hams D. C . and the appeal had failed. Letters were read out from Mr Alex Perraton, Mr and Mrs Rob Warner and BBH Architects of Dartmouth.  Decision:  The Parish Council supported the application making mention that they considered it important to save an old building and provide employment.  The visual impact would be minimal.

Financial Matters.  Cllr G. Stewart in his capacity as Financial Officer, now has the appropriate mandate from HSBC bank, Kingsbridge.

Cllr Steve Mammatt publicised the Kingsbridge Music and Food Festival to be held last weekend in May.  Helpers would be welcome.

A discussion took place regarding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, including the possible road closure of Pump Lane.  It was agreed that a Public Meeting be arranged to draw in parishioners.  This was arranged for THURSDAY 1 MARCH AT 7.30pm at the Church House Inn.  Everyone interested are urged to attend.

Other matters:  John Woodley would like to see the old telephone box retained and Clerk agreed to look up the old paperwork.  He doubted he could now find a contact as it was all done 'on line' and the department concerned appears to have been scrapped.  Advertising boards are still littering the verge at the business park and Chairman agreed to follow up on this complaint.  It was also noted that verges at Bantham Island and other places are now attracting illegal signs which at one time would have been promptly removed by the County Council.

Next Meeting:     Thursday 1st March.



Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 7th December 2011 at 7.30pm

In attendance:  Cllrs Roger Hind (Chairman), Y. Tarr, A. Masters, G. Stewart, J. Woodley, E. McLaney, S. Mammatt, Dist. Cllr I. Bramble, John Taylor (Clerk).

Open Forum:  Police Report.   P.C. Steve Mullen and Dave Gibson attended and reported that there had been little criminal activity in the parish.  However, a spate of robberies from building sites had occurred in the area and the public were being asked to be watchful over sites during the Xmas holidays.  The Parish Council reported that drivers were still speeding through the village.  PC Mullen replied that he hoped to hold a speed check in the near future.  The Police were informed of the proposed Diamond Jubilee Celebrations for 4th June next year and they hoped that it could be arranged for Police Cadets to attend.  These are 14-17 year olds who are learning about the work of the Police Service.  All agreed this to be a good idea.  PC Mullen asked to be kept informed of the next Parish Council Meeting and the Clerk noted this down.


Minutes of the previous meeting of 16th November were signed.  Matters arising were that Chairman had written to the South Hams Business Park Management over the proliferation of advertising signs at the entrance to the park.  A reply had been received from Mrs Chapman stating that the matter would be raised at the AGM of gthe Management Company.

Finance:  A discussion took place on the proposed Precept for 2012/2013.  It was agreed to hold the Precept again at £3500.00 and the appropriate form was signed by the Chairman and Clerk for sending to the District Council.  Former financial officer, Adrian Masters, reported that the Audit Commission had previously queried the  high balance of current account funds held by the Council. Council agreed that it felt justified in holding the same Precept as the proposed increase in expenditure for the year would reduce the balance of funds held.

Planning:    Appl. 11/3056 for Mr Maher was supported.

                 Appl. 11/3065 for Trustees of Bowringsley Trust (Conversion of redundant stone buildings into two dwellings) was                      considered by Council.  No objection was made.

Snow Warden Scheme and Community Self-Help.  The Parish Council agreed to join this scheme whereby a Snow Warden is appointed and free gritting salt is provided by Devon County.  Self-help is  about communities coming together to help each other in times of extreme weather.  The Snow Warden must be nominated by the local council and have received training by DCC.  The Snow Warden is the key point of contact between the local community and DCC and delivers training to community volunteers and keeps a register of helpers.  Cllr Roger Hind agreed to act as Parish Snow Warden and he would contact Adam Keay at Devon County to arrange training and the delivery of (say) three tons of salt to Silvergates from where it would be distributed.  Volunteers were needed from the parish.  Eddie McLaney agreed to service Scotts Close-Adrian Masters to do Sorley and Geoff Stewart the Tithe Hill area.  Volunteers were needed for Woodlands and the top of Pump Lane by the pub and road to the shop.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 4th June 2012   Council discussed the preparations for next year's Jubilee event and Chairman made copious notes.  It was suggested that a Public Meeting be held early next year so that hopefully more parishioners could get involved in the planning and execution of this national celebration.

District Councillor Ian Bramble gave a report in which he said that approval had been granted by the District for the erection of a temporary 'Weather Mast' at Torr Quarry.  He regretted this decision and hoped it would not lead to the automatic approval of a full blown Wind Turbine in the area.

The next Parish Council Meeting was arranged for Wednesday 25th January at 7.30pm.

Meeting closed at 10.15pm


Minutes of the meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 16th November 2011

Attending:  Cllrs  R.Hind (Chairman),  Y. Tarr. E.McLaney, G. Stewart. A. Masters, J. Woodley, Dist. Cllr Ian Bramble, John Taylor (Clerk).  Apology S.Mammatt.

Minutes of the Meeting of 19th October were signed. Matters arising – Chairman reported on receiving a letter from Mr G. Seager Berry (Hon. Sec and Treasurer of Churchstow PCC) thanking the Parish Council for cheque of £350.00 towards the costs of the Churchyard grass cutting. Regarding the roadside signs at the BusinessPark, Chairman had not received a reply from Mrs Chapman and it was agreed that the Parish Council approaches the District Council for advice.

Planning.  No objections were made to the following applications.  11/2741/11 (extension at 11, Glebeland for Mr Maher.  11/2732/11 (erection of agricultural dwelling at Warcombe Barn) for Mr C Lidstone.

Re: Proposed wind turbine at Chivelstone – Chairman agreed to write supporting the objections to this planning application which will affect an AONB.

Snowwarden Scheme and Free Gritting salt.  Clerk reported he had contacted Devon County Highways Department (01392-380160) trying to clarify the details of this proposed scheme.  Official query no. 11443672 dated 15th November was logged, and Clerk was informed that the 'team' would answer to  Chairman R.Hind within 10 days.  Following a discussion, it was generally  agreed that the scheme was not thought through and there were practical problems in distributing salt from 1 ton dumper loads.


Financial.  Cheque raised for £96.13 for membership of Devon Association Of Local Councils.

Consultation Document.  A review of Statement of Community Involvement has been published. Councillors can obtain by clicking on to and send their comments by 16th December to Dist. Cllr Ian Bramble reported that he felt practical aspects of the document were unclear.


The next Meeting was arranged for 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th December.


Following this meeting, a Public Meeting was held to discuss the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations to be held next year in June, and the involvement of the community.



Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 7.30pm.

In attendance: Cllrs R. Hind (Chairman), S. Mammatt, Y. Tarr, G. Stewart, J. Woodley. (Apol. Ian Bramble). Clerk John Taylor.

Minutes of the Meeting held 7th September were signed.

Matters arising: Council was still waiting for an E-mail from Adam Keay regarding Snow Wardens and the provision of salt.

Planning Matters: No objections were raised to the following applications

11/2305 for Mr Bewick Change of use of Barn

11/2307 for Mr Bewick Listed Building Consent

11/2308 for Mr and Mrs Taylor new UPVC window Crossways

11/ 28/2302 for Mr Brooking extn to garage, Archery Road

Trees at Whitehall Manor. Exemption Order 3201 noted i.e. Fell T1 Turkey Oak and T3 Holly. Replanting of 1 no. Beech.

Financial Matters. The Annual Audit was completed and the statutory notice was posted on the Notice Board. Audit Fee of £60.00 paid. Action West paid £60.00 for computer service. It was also noted that the Uncontested Election of May 2011 had incurred expenses (as detailed) and the account will be payable in April 2012. Admin £44.00 Returning Officers fees 42.30. Nomination Packs 22.00 Postage and Printing 15.00. Cheque paid for £350 towards the Churchyard grass-cutting. Precept payment of £1750 paid into account.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 4th June 2012 Parish Council discussed this and agreed that the parish should take part in these celebrations, possibly join the national Beacon Scheme where over 2000 bonfire beacons would be lit throughout the UK, and providing pig-roast and similar attractions. It was agreed that a PUBLIC MEETING would be arranged for 8pm on the 16th November at the Abbots Room to discuss this proposal and hopefully form a committee to plan the event. Cllr John Woodley would request permission from the landowner of the proposed field. The Parish Council agreed to contribute towards the expenses although a nominal admission charge would be made. The public meeting was to be advertised locally.

Other Business. It was agreed that the signs outside the Business Park were ugly and possibly an infringement of planning. Chairman to write to the owners.

Christmas Lights. It was agreed that Council would make a grant of £250 from Community Funds to Mike Langman in respect of his expenses in providing the illuminations. These lights were now considered to be 'a local feature of Christmas' and had raised approximately £15,000 for charity.

Next Meeting arranged for 7pm on Wednesday 16th November 2011.