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Moving Together Devon is a social enterprise aimed at supporting older and less able people to either move home or stay in their current property with appropriate changes/adaptations.

Click here to see their brochure or go to their website

Bulk Buy Fuel Loans

We know living without mains gas can be expensive.  If you rely on oil, Calor gas, LPG, wood or coal to heat your home, we may be able to help you to spread the cost of your bulk buy over six months*

Find out more: call 01823 461099, or email

Your local, not-for-profit lender funded by South Hams District Council

Wessex Resolutions CIC

Heatherton Park Studios, Bradford on Tone, Taunton, TA4 1EU

* Subject to Status  Representative 0% APR


If so Devon County Council would like you to know about their campaign regarding Ash dieback:

‘My Tree, My Responsibility’

For more information please call DCC on  

0345 155 1015  

or go online to

Water Abstraction Rules have changed and a licence may be required. For details click here

Coronavirus Latest Information: 17 March 2020

Here is the link to explain the government policy on social distancing: Click here

Corona Virus Support

If you know of anyone in the parish who is isolated, elderly or vulnerable who may need some help then please get in touch, we have a number of kind residents who have offered to help.  

This could be things like:

Fetching supplies or medicines

Walking the dog

Making a daily phone call to hear a friendly voice and give an opportunity to ask for anything needed.

Likewise if you would be willing to offer help to those in need please get in touch, more hands make light work!

Please contact

Louisa (Parish Council Clerk) on 07989 385263 or 01548 288946


Cllr John Woodley on 07970 758998 or 01548 857916

Please spread the word of support to all you can within the parish…… help is ready and waiting.

I find myself sitting here, with the laptop open and the screen empty, as i ponder on what to write about, there are no events to report on and no events to advertise. I do recall once many years ago all i could find to write about was a mole making a mess of the Churchyard, now i may even welcome a mole in the Churchyard just to have something to report on! In nearly 25 years of writing these notes I have never been so lost for words, but we are facing extraordinary, unprecedented times. Coronavirus, only a few weeks ago we had not heard of it, and when we did it was so far away in China, how could it possibly effect us here in the South Hams?

Yet here we are, all social events cancelled, suspended or postponed, schools, pubs, restaurants and cinemas  closed, people being advised wherever possible to work from home, not to socialise, to self isolate, wash their hands frequently. It is very frightening, and we should be concerned and we should be frightened if that's what it takes for us to conform with the requests and orders from the government, because it may not be what we want to do, we may feel that we will take our chances, make no changes to our daily routine, and carry on with our lives as normal, but it's not just about us individually, it's about us as a community, as a village, and as a nation. We must conform, we must show constraint we must be sensible, for however long it takes, and however difficult it is, we must comply, for the more we self isolate  and avoid contact where possible, the sooner life will return to normal.

It is very easy to feel helpless, what can I do? How can I make any difference? The answer is YES WE CAN, each and every one of us can make a difference, obviously we must do all of the things to try and limit the spread of the virus, and equally importantly we should be looking out for our family, friends and neighbours, offer our services to assist those in isolation, fetch groceries, collect prescriptions, offer to walk the dog, and one thing everybody can do is keep in touch by phone, a call to someone in isolation, to see if they are alright or just to have a chat could make a huge difference to their day, and we must try and be cheerful and jolly. We all have a part to play in the battle against this virus, let us do our best and be there for each other.

                                   J R Woodley

Churchstow Community - Corona Virus Support.

If you, or anyone you know in the parish, is isolated, elderly or vulnerable or in need of support then we want to hear from you, we have a number of kind residents ready and willing to help where possible. 

Or if you are able to offer help to those in need.

Don't hesitate to contact:

 Louisa [Parish Clerk] on or 01548 288946 or 07989385263.

John Woodley [ Churchwarden] on 01548 857916 or 07970758998