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Churchstow Council Matters

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The Parish is nearly the lowest level of local government, originally formed at a time when there was little difference, to the local people, between the Church and the State. A parish like Churchstow usually formed around a village or other small community and used to be centred around the Parish Church. Today Church and State have separated but the same area is now represented as a local authority by the Churchstow Parish Council.

Parish Councils have few major rights and/or obligations and are responsible to the higher authorities above them. They do however manage local amenities and have a watching brief on local issues and their opinion is noted by those higher authorities in matters concerning them, such as local planning issues. The Parish of Churchstow and its council is responsible to the Council of the District of South Hams and that of the County of Devon in which it is located.


Roger Hind, Spread Eagles, Merrifield, Churchstow,

Kingsbridge TQ7 4PE

Geoff Stewart, Court, Church Hill Lane,

Churchstow, Devon, TQ7 3QW

Paul Williams, Rosemary Cottage, Whitehall Manor,

Churchstow, Kingsbridge, TQ7 3QR

Yanine Tarr, Silver Gates, Churchstow, Kingsbridge,


Eddie McLaney, 22 Scotts Close, Churchstow, Kingsbridge, TQ7 3RB

John Woodley, Higher Leigh Farm, Churchstow, Kingsbridge

Parish Clerk:

Jody Fendick

1, The Watch,





Tel: 01548 288367

Mob: 07502 009103

The Parish Council have 10 monthly meetings per year

and these take place on the second Wednesday of the

month in the Abbot’s Room at the Church House Inn.

Latest Council Minutes: click here

Archive of previous Parish Council Minutes : click here

Recent Planning Applications:

To all Parishioners:

All financial information relating to Churchstow Parish Council (expenses, accounts, etc.) is available from the Parish Clerk by request using these contact details.

For the latest set of Accounts - click here