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Churchstow Maps

The Parish of Churchstow, not surprisingly, is centred on the church of St. Mary the Virgin on the A379. However, it does not extend directly to the north of here, as Hatch is part of Aveton Gifford parish. The main area of population today is the more modern housing area of Scott’s Close, Glebeland, and Woodlands. The rural areas include Venn to the northwest, Osborne Newton to the west, East and West Redford to the southeast, Combe Royal to the east, and Sorley, Warcombe, Leigh, and Rake to the northeast.

(above) Google Earth Map of Churchstow parish

(above) Google Earth map of village centre

Co-ordinates: 50*17’55.58N  03*48’35.92W  elev.96m

(above) Parish Map - South West (village centre, Elston, Osborne Newton)

(above) Parish Map - North West (Venn, Nuckwell)